You, Sir, are a Top, NOT a Dom!


If, when asked about your skills as a Dominant, you can only cite your mad flogging skills, your badass caning, or your unparalleled whipping skills, YOU ARE A TOP! You might be a great top, even the best top this side of the equator, but to be a Dom, your list of experience better include more than just tools of the trade.

If you want a D/s relationship, “Mr Dim Dom”, you had better be prepared for the emotional side of a relationship, too. Most assuredly the amount of devotion a sub feels for a Dom is unparalleled. If you light a fire in a submissive with promises of a deep, meaningful relationship and then turn and run when that fire explodes, you are a coward and a fraud (and I’m calling you out on it today because you are not worthy of such an important title)

Here’s a list of “Domly non-negotiables”.
You want to play? Bring your tools.
You want a relationship? Bring these.
*High moral standards

Look, if you want to be a Top that’s awesome…be the best Top you can be! Hell, maybe one day we can play together. But do us all a favor, don’t advertise for wanting more (a deeper relationship) when you are simply looking for fun. It makes you an asshole of epic proportions.

Not one tool in your bag of goodies makes you dominant. It’s your behavior. You, Sir, are NOT a Dom. You’re just a little boy with a whip.
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