What a Professional Mistress is and is not

by loftnc@gmail.com

1) First and foremost, she is a business women!
She is providing a service, usually to make a living, just like any other store or service provider. Some of them do barter by the way.

2) She is providing a service that many men need, mostly to married men, but also to single men, yes even to us single guys.
For the married guys, B&D play is something they should be able to talk about and get from their wives, but for many reasons, the wives can’t or won’t.

3) A professional Mistress is versed in not just one or two types of play, but in many.
She has to, as she is a business, customer dedication determines how far she can go.
A professional Mistress’s play skills become an art over time, as each develop their own skills and moves.
This is what makes them the best at what they do!!!!

4) A professional Mistress provides some of the best discretion.
Again, she is a business women!

5) A professional Mistress, like a lifestyle Mistress or vanilla women, has a heart, a brain and feelings.
However, most professional Mistress’s heart brain and feelings ARE WAY MORE INTENSE than any other women on the planet.

6) Now for the final and maybe the most important part of this post;
The word “PROFESSIONAL” and what it really means!!!!

As quoted to me from a Nevada Highway Patrolman some thirty two years ago;



1) She’s not a whore, in any way shape or form!
I know this because I have been submissive for more than thirty years, having started fantasizing about this kind of play when I was in my teens.
Being single, I started my play in the dungeon’s and I tried many times for sex, yes I know it’s all about sex, but I’m talking about D&C (Dick and Cunt). It almost never happened, and the few times that it did, was only after getting to know each other as people and a person.

2) She’s not a wife or girlfriend stealer!!!
All one has to do in order to know this, is to look at the single set of foot prints. Then look at the direction they’re pointed.

3) She doesn’t view herself above or better than any other type of Domme.
She is simply using her talents!!!!!!
And if she’s any good, why not make a living at it too.

In closing, these women deserve a lot more respect than they get!!!!!
Because to me THEY ARE THE GREATEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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