To the Nice Guys


I was going to write a rant today about cheating piles of shit preaching to men and giving them advice on how to “talk to” women.

I was going to write a rant today about the “men” who rape.

I was going to write a rant today about the guys who constantly harass at work, and get away with it because of power.

I was going to.

But, they don’t deserve any more of my, or your time.

(ps. If you don’t have the patience to read, like myself-squirrel!!!…here is the audio version 🙂 )

Today, I want to talk about the nice guys.

The men who are single and searching, no cheating or deception.
The men who are committed, and up front about being faithful.
The men who are kind and compassionate, no power trip to prove.
The men who need to realize, “Dude, you are sexy! Own your shit!”
The men who are the first to message if someone trolls or attacks.
The men who still open doors.
The men who listen.
The men who laugh with us.
The men who know being a gentleman doesn’t mean being a pushover.
The men who care more about their kids, than finding a mistress.
The men who take time to write things like thisthis, or this.
The men who watch in frustration as we fall for the bad guys, and have arms wide open for us…after we realize our mistakes.
The men who give all the fucks about people.
The men who hold our purses without their manhood being threatened.
The men who understand you can be a feminist, and a dude.
The men who bring us flowers.
The men who dry our tears.
The men who cherish us.

And you know what is even hotter about a nice guy?
When they turn into “bad guys” in bed.

Yup, a gentleman on the streets, and a bad boy in the sheets
No better combo.

When you see their eyes change from compassionate – to ready to devour, pounce, protect. And you know…it’s only for you.

Because for them it’s not just about rough sex, power, or degradation.
It’s about watching us moan for hours.
It’s about appreciating our bodies, even through bruises and welts.
It’s about understanding our minds so well, they can control without even touching us.
It’s about appreciating the vulnerability and trust we give to them.
It’s about setting our souls on fire.
It’s about making us cum. So. Fucking. Hard.

Yeah, if he’s a nice guy…it doesn’t mean he’s boring.
It means he’s taking his sweet time to figure you out, and he just might rock your fucking world if you give him a chance.

So, enough attention to the douchecanoes.

Today, we celebrate the nice guys.

Today, they don’t finish last.

ps. It’s so nice to see people leave crumbs for the nice guys in their lives. Point them out so we know who they are 😉 lol! Nice guy radar, here. And, RolfConrad13 – thanks for always being there. <3

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