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Session Types

The following is a list of session types often provided by Dominants.  If a particular session interests you, please contact the Mistress of your choice and schedule your session directly with them.

The following are never offered at the LoftNC Studio: full service, girl friend experience, hand/foot/blow job – none of these are legal and are not allowed under any circumstance.

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This “1-on-1” experience is tailored in response to your preferences and involves intense, face to face playtime with the Mistress of your choice. We realize that maximum enjoyment requires compatibility between dominant and submissive; as such, we strive to pair you with a Mistress whose abilities match your specific interests.

Rest assured that our training is comprehensive and we guarantee that your Mistress will be both knowledgeable and skilled in Her areas of interest. Before the session begins, you will be given the opportunity to discuss your preferences and any limits you may have. Immediately afterward you will place yourself in Her very capable hands for the duration of the experience. Regardless of where your tastes lie – sadistic, masochistic, sensual or perhaps playful and lighthearted, your fantasy will be brought to life before your eyes.

This session is for serious players only and is “the ultimate erotic encounter”, with very good reason. As a result, they play together with a precision that borders on perfection with you as the focus of their mutual delight and for lovers of psychological torture and humiliation, their mutual amusement.

The Exploratorium is a specialty of Lady Leigh and is not considered a “scene” but is an intense learning experience about you.  This session addresses the needs of beginners or those who seek to expand their knowledge base for impact play. 

Do you like being spanked or flogged?  Curious to try in a safe environment?  Ever wanted to try other implements, learn how different toys feel.  How can you tell what something may feel like before you agree to it in negotiations? How do you promote your own safety while playing? 

This session is tailor made just for you.  A hands on experience including difference between stingy and thuddy impact, differences in leathers, suede, wood, cane, whips, and bats oh my!!! 

This session explores all aspects of impact play and then delves into other types of kink (such as CBT, sensation and foot play) as may be requested.  This session does not include anal play, wax, figging or role play.

The session is 90 minutes long and is custom designed according to the expressed desires of the submissive. You may think of it as a ‘kink buffet’ and it will feature a multitude of activities designed to help bring out the burgeoning fetish enthusiast in you!

If you don’t know what you like before the session begins, you certainly will by the time the last whip cracks, the blindfold is removed and your soothing aftercare is complete.

Foot fetish sessions can include foot/boot/shoe worship, massage, trampling, ball busting, crush (cock or food). The LoftNC also hosts foot parties, watch for special events to be posted.

Are you particularly fascinated with flogging, whipping or learning to become a Mistress or Master? If so, look no further for your training. In addition to our weekly classes and seminars, we also provide private lessons for those who would like to develop or improve upon a bdsm/fetish related skills.

Do you enjoy being a baby boy, baby girl or bratty sub? Mommy’s know just how to make little ones behave and good behavior is rewarded with play time (coloring books, bubbles, toys provided).

We have two pro-switches with us as well and they are wonderful if you are looking to spank someone. Are you a top/Dom without a sub at your hand or looking to learn to be a top or Dom? Need a bottom to spank?

Pro-sub sessions are geared toward you. Role play from naughty house wife, brat, secretary, or anything in between. Ask about any specifics you may be interested in. There is no full nudity, sex, or happy endings.

Face sitting is offered with panties on only