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Mistress Veronika

  • Birthday: September 21st
  • Height: 5′ 7″
  • Shoe Size: 9
  • Hair Color: Blonde
I am Mistress Veronika, professional Domme.
I identify as a sensual sadist, mommy. So you want to experience female domination? Let me count the ways I can bring your fantasies to life.
Do you have a high-profile position in the workforce? Have you made 10,000 decisions a day?

Does relinquishing control sound like a piece of Heaven? Let Mistress Veronika take the reins.

Do you lack discipline? Have you been naughty? How much can you take before you release your hold on control? Give me your submission, let me take your controle and give you what you truly desire.
Do you want to be tickled? Where are your tickle spots? Is it here, on your side? If you wiggle too much, you may need a little spanking.
Oh yes, to my baby boys… Mommy misses you. Come, let me play with your hair and read you a story.

Services I Offer: 

 Impact Play

  •  Paddles
  •  Canes
  •  Floggers
  •  Dragon tail
  •  Bare-handed spanking


  •  Fingernails
  •  Caresses
  •  Sharps
  • Biting


  •  Floggers
  •  Clothespins
  •  Rubber bands
  •  Slapping
  •  Kicking


  •  Trampling
  •  Facesitting
  •  Degradation
  •  Introduction to impact
  •  Foot adoration
  • Sissification