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Miss Hela

  • Birthday: March 27th
  • Height: 5′ 9″
  • Shoe Size: 13.5
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue

Hello, I am Miss Hela: Professional Domme. I have been in the lifestyle for 15+ years and now all those years of experience have come to a dungeon near you. I am Transgender, with my aesthetic being described as a mix of gothic and punk. I love nothing more than getting into your mind, finding out what makes you tick; I use that to transform you from an insolent brat into a whimpering whore, on your knees, begging for me to bring you to your subspace. The moment your fighting and tantrums turn into pleadings for me to beat you, for you to be allowed to worship my full figured body, or whatever filthy scenario we create, is what I live for.

Services I Offer (Not Fully Inclusive)

  • Impact Play – Allow my skillful use of the flogger to drive you into subspace. I’ll bring you to the heights of pain and the depths of pleasure.
  • Psychological Domination – My observant eye learns each little thing that makes you tick, and uses them to bring you to submission.
  • Brat Breaking – Do you consider yourself an untamable brat? Do you have what it takes to withstand my will? Try your luck and see how long it takes before you to give in.
  • Humiliation – Name calling, using you as a footrest, and everything in between.  
  • Light Bondage – Want to give me total control? On the St. Andrew’s cross you can “relax” as I take my time enjoying my new toy.
  • Role Play – Do you have an idea for a scene or roleplay? Confide your fantasies in me and I will bring them to life.
  • Doll Play – Want to stop thinking entirely? Want to be a limp plaything for my use? Then come be my good little doll.
  • Violet Wand Sessions – Simply electrifying.
  • Body/Foot Worship – Tribute yourself to the body of a full figured Trans Mistress.