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Goddess Choas

  • Birthday: May 4th
  • Height: 5′ 7″
  • Shoe Size: 10
  • Hair Color: Black 
  • Ethnic Background: Black

You found me on purpose. I am Choatic Sanctuary, also known as Goddess Choas (yes, spelt that way on purpose😉). I can be the quiet among your storm, the peace and serenity your busy life requires, or bring pain and pleasure like you’ve never known. Your choice!

A few of my favorite things are sissification; let me dress you up and help you to learn how to put on your makeup. Makeup will be provided by me or you can bring your own. Body worship; whether it’s my gorgeous ass, perfect feet, or long legs. Make me happy by showing me how much you desire what you can’t truly have. Give me scene. I love role play! Let’s bring a work of art to life! And finally impact play. There’s nothing that brings me more joy than paddling your beautiful ass red and you reveling in the pain I inflict. Is it punishment for being bad or a reward for being good?

A sensual sadist at heart, I want to help you explore your limits. Seasoned or new to submission. Young or old. Your need to please me should be your only desire. Come into my playroom. 

As always, communication is key in my practice. I aim to conduct a safe and positive environment. 

Not inclusive, ask about things you don’t see listed


  • impact play
  • flogging
  • paddling
  • caning
  • spanking
  • trampling


  • Role play:  Mommy domme
  • Little Play

Sensation Play:

  • tickling
  • blindfold
  • restraint


  • Feet
  • Boot/stiletto
  • Ass
  • Body