The Ride


This was her first time. There had been many firsts since coming to live with Master, some of them a little scarey, most of them a real turn-on, but all of them exciting…for the simple fact that they were firsts, with Master. And even though this could be seen as just another in this long line of firsts, it was a first that called up so many emotions – abject fear of the unknown – total high excitement – almost unbearable anticipation – and above all, complete love and trust in her Master. For He was the One who would guide and support her, be her shining, guiding light throughout the experience.
They were going to a club. Not just a dinner/dancing club. A BDSM Club! She got a thrill of pure excitement every time she thought of the two of them there, together, as a C/couple – Master and slave! And tonight was the night! She’d read so many things about BDSM clubs, but worked hard to keep expectations nil, so there could be no disappointments. She was determined to be on her best behavior, to be the best slave her Master could want. She wanted Master to be proud of His girl. If she admitted her true desire, it was to be the best slave He’d EVER had!
One thing she would do was to look her sexiest, possible best. Master had already told her what to wear. After a long, hot, (somewhat) relaxing shower, she laid out her clothes on the bed, smiling a bit wickedly. She held up the black, net body stocking with an open crotch that He’d just bought for her. She smiled again thinking how so little could be so much! She put on her black transparent bra with open nipples and slipped into the body stocking, drawing the sensuous net up over her body. It was symbolic of the sensuous net Master had woven around her. She loved the fact that He bought it – for her.
Next came a short, snug black skirt and a form-fitting, black knit shirt with buttons down the entire front. She buttoned it up to just below her bra, so the swell of her full breasts, the bra, and the top portion of the net peeked through in what she hoped was a tantalizing view. She grinned as she thought, ”Show a little…promise it all!!”
With every movement, the net caressed her skin from toe to shoulder making it feel electric, alive! Her black stiletto leather sandals completed the outfit. Turning to the mirror, she ran her fingers through her long, curly auburn hair, laying it down over her breasts. She had to admit, she had always loved the stark contrast of her hair against black. It was her best feature.
Taking a last look in the mirror, meeting her own eyes and taking a deep calming breath, she whispered, ”Well, this is as good as you get girl. I hope Master likes it……no….I hope He loves it!”
She turned to go downstairs where Master was waiting for her after getting dressed Himself. Her breath caught in her throat as she caught sight of Him. He was so stunningly handsome, dressed in black leather trousers and black shirt, open at the neck. Simple, yet He made it look elegant. She studied His face before He caught sight of her. His was a face that melted her heart whenever she looked at Him – and so expressive! To her, He was the handsomest Man she’d ever known.
He turned suddenly, sensing her presence, catching her studying Him. He stared into the dark pools of her shining eyes, the wave of her love surrounding Him – almost a physical thing. He smiled slightly, knowing what she was thinking, for she’d told Him often enough.
She smiled back a bit nervously as His eyes left hers and traveled down over her body, pausing briefly to study the effect of the low-buttoned shirt. She stood perfectly still as His eyes continued slowly downward. A slow smile came over His face as a barely banked fire lit His eyes.
”Come,” He told her.
This was her command to come to Him and stand pressed close to Him. She loved this one. It gave her the freedom to come into His warm embrace and press her body the full length of His. She could feel His partial erection against her belly, and pressed closer as if to accept Him into her body. He chuckled as He felt her eagerness to please.
”You look very pleasing to Me, my slave. There are a couple things missing though. First, I would like you to wear your slave bells tonight. Go get them.”
She smiled and hurried to get her silver ankle bracelet from her jewelry case. He was absolutely right, they would be a perfect addition. It was surrounded with delicate silver bells that tinkled merrily with each step. After clipping them around her right ankle, she smiled as she went back to where He was waiting. There would be no private studying of His profile this time!
As she entered the room, she saw He was sitting in the chair, holding something in His hand. She glanced down to the floor where her kneeling pad was positioned in front of Him.
”Come kneel,” He commanded.
”Yes Master,” she said quietly, as she hurried to the blanket, and lowered gracefully to her knees. She arranged herself as per His instructions long ago – back straight with breasts thrusting forward – thighs parted for His pleasure (as she suddenly remembered the open crotch of the body net!) – hands on her thighs, palms up – and her head held high and proud with her eyes lowered.
She held this position as He studied her, His heart swelling with pride and love for this woman who gave so freely and willingly.
”And the other thing that’s missing is this,” He said, as He held up a thin black leather collar. It was simple and designed for wearing in public, with a single ring at the center.
Her eyes widened as she smiled with pleasure.
”Oh Master, it’s beautiful! I love it!”
She had always wanted a ”public” yet subtle symbol of their special relationship. It was perfect! She raised her arms and lifted her long hair away from her neck as He buckled it in place – snug, but not choking. Her eyes shining with happiness, she rose to her knees, wrapping her arms around His shoulders, and kissed Him spontaneously. He chuckled as she remembered herself and returned to her position.
”Thank You, my Master!”
”You’re quite welcome, my love,” He said. ”It looks exquisite on you with your black outfit. Now, if you are ready, let’s be on our way.”
She whispered a barely audible ”yes Master,” as she rose gracefully to her feet to stand before Him. As He also came to His feet, He said, ”But first, come kiss Me. You look as tho you need one.”
And, of course, He was right! She did need that final bit of reassurance, that she was His ”precious” one and only, before they embarked on this fantasy evening. He was such a wonderful Master, knowing her inside and out, and especially knowing and meeting this particular need.
She rose up on her toes to give Him her lips. He wrapped His arms around her, grasping her hair to tip her head, holding her immoble, and kissed her thoroughly. The kiss left no doubt that she was His for the taking – And that was the way He wanted it!
As He led her to the car, she tried to keep her excitement and anticipation in check, knowing it was still an hour-long drive to Copenhagen. Her Master put on some music they enjoyed and concentrated on getting onto the freeway. As the road opened out before them, He reached over to her, sitting tensely on her side, and placed His warm hand on her next-to-bare thigh. She glanced over to look at His profile, and relaxed into concentrating on His touch and the music, freely and easily slipping into her first level of sub-space. This space, and even perhaps the other, deeper spaces, were where she would spend the rest of the evening. This first level allowed for awareness of all that was happening around her, yet assured total concentration upon Master. She found this a comfortable and freeing place, and also, exactly where she wanted to be – under Master’s control.
She felt His light tap on the insides of both her thighs, indicating He wanted her to spread her legs as far as possible in the confines of the car. Shifting her position, she spread her legs wide, letting her skirt slide up over her net-clad thighs. Even tho her eyes were straight ahead on the dark road, she saw none of it. She ”saw”, instead, only what she was feeling. ”Saw” Master sitting next to her – ”saw” His hand sliding slowly up and down her thigh – ”saw” His hand finally making it’s way up to the open crotch of her body net, to her open and willing pussy. His fingers gently carressed her smooth pussy lips, sliding up and down, almost tickling.
”Mmmm…..well done, my love,” His warm voice nearly purred, commenting on the complete lack of hair or stubble.
”Thank You, Master.” The special care she had taken earlier when shaving had paid off by pleasing Him.
He increased the pressure of His fingers, sliding between her outer lips to delve deeper into her sex and found her already slightly wet and slick. He slid one finger deep inside her, the palm of His hand cupping and pressing against her clit. She moaned softly at the exquisite feeling of His hand there and gently pushed forward against it, increasing the pressure slightly. She nearly groaned aloud as He slowly slid His finger out of her and brought it to His own mouth, tasting her, smelling her excitement that only He could bring her. She turned to watch Him as He savored her flavor. He smiled wickedly, making her shiver and smile her own wicked smile, as He returned His wet fingers to her pussy. He began a slow rhythmic caress of her clit, occasionally picking up more of her own juices to smooth the way. She moaned and met His movements, her breath coming in little pants of passion.
”Tonight, my slut,” He growled softly, ”you will arrive wet and wanting for Me, like the slut you are…..My good little slut.”
”But…” He continued, ”you are not to cum unless I say you may. If you are getting close, you will tell me, and I will slow down or stop…..”
”Yes, Master.” She nearly moaned.
”…..before continuing,” He went on, ”to bring you back up to the edge again. Is that clear my slut?” He demanded.
”Yes, my Master. I understand.”
He smiled as He glanced at her. ”Yes… do, don’t you.”
She closed her eyes at the pleasure and agony of His touch and simply nodded. He continued the slow circular motion on her clit, her excitement growing and becoming wilder by the second until the moment when she knew she must either beg to climax…..or beg Him to stop!
”Ohh Master!” she breathed. ”May Your girl cum for You?”
”No! Of course not slut!” and His hand drew away to caress only her outer lips until her urgency receded slightly.
She moaned and laid her head back on the headrest, trying to regain her equilibrium and prepare herself for His next onslaught. She sensed His smile as her breathing calmed a bit and He began His exquisite torture once again. Oh god, would He ever let her cum tonight??
Four times on the drive into the city, He brought her to the quivering edge…and four times she obeyed and begged Him to slow down or let her reach orgasm. Each time He denied her the pleasure, she thought she could take no more of this torture, yet each time, eagerly pressed into His hand as He began again.
As He pulled into a parking place, she stared around, stunned at having arrived, so deep under His control was she. As He shut off the car and the sudden silence surrounded them, He turned to her, looking into her slightly glazed eyes and somewhat bewildered expression. He smiled and ran a hand over her hair.
”Come back a bit, my love,” He said gently.
She heard His soft voice, looked around again realizing where she was, and brought her gaze, once again, to Him.
”Yes Master,” she said shakily and smiled. ”I’m here.”
He bent toward her, kissing her slowly and sensuously, while taking her own hand and guiding it to her pussy, making her own fingers delve into her wetness. She wasn’t surprised that she was so wet, it was nearly running out of her. As He pulled away from her eager lips, He brought her slick fingers to His mouth, sliding them slowly into His warmth and sucking them like candy. Feeling His tongue caressing and sucking her fingers always made her entire body shiver, ending like a shot in her pussy. She grinned….what the heck…a little wetter now won’t matter!
Seeing her grin, He withdrew her fingers from His warm mouth and once again guided them to her pussy. This time tho, He drew them to her own mouth, forcing them between her lips.
”Do you see what a good girl My slut is?” He asked her.
He withdrew her fingers and kissed her, tasting her once again.
”You please Me very much,” He whispered against her lips.
”Thank You, Master. That makes me very happy.”
”Good!” He said approvingly. ”Are you ready now?”
She nodded and followed Him out of the car. He went around to the back and took out a small gym bag. She wondered what was inside but didn’t ask since Master didn’t volunteer the information in the first place. As He took her hand and led her toward the beautiful, old building that housed the club, she thought about what could be in the bag.
”Perhaps Master has some deliciously wicked plans for the evening,” she thought as another anticipatory shiver coarsed through her body.
Master felt her shiver and guessing her thoughts, just smiled enigmatically.

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