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In light of the tension in the group recently, I thought I would start a thread about the positive things Pro-Domination has provided in your life.

I’ll start:

I’ve met some amazing people, some who have become friends

I paid off my student loans (125k Yay!)

I gained a sense of confidence in my ability to build and run a business

I learned that I could manage myself and other people

I’ve learned skills that will translate to other careers

This ‘job’ has allowed me to dedicate time to writing and cooking and doing fun things that would have been difficult if I’d been working 60 hours a week

What has it done for you?

**From a client / submissive bottom’s perspective, I met an amazing pro-domme three years ago who has brought incredible joy to my life, introducing me to pleasures that I was clueless about. Beyond that, she has been an incredible friend, a wonderful role model, and has lead me on a journey of discovery that has made me a kinder, gentler, more understanding person.. She has shepherded me through a difficult period of my life with grace, thoughtfulness, and incredible sensitivity. I am a better person for having known her and feel very blessed to be able to continue to see her and count her as a friend.

  • I meet amazing people on a normal basis that impact me in various ways.
  • I’ve meet some amazing folks both clients and pros who I have had the honor of calling my friends.
  • I can dedicate time to other people and things that I couldn’t if I was still working a 9-5.
  • I have been able to apply my love and desire to teach into another setting outside of the classroom when I mentor new pros, teach new skills to clients and pros or even new models.
  • I am able to give folks an experience they might not otherwise have gotten for various reasons.
  • I have been able to bring skills and my knowledge of how to run a business into this genre and do well at it.
  • I have been able to meet some small and major personal goals and I will continue to reach my goals.
  • I have a sense of pride in what I do, in my work and it shows in every aspect of my life.
  • Hosting sessions and doing videos rather than working my old hours has allowed me to be come a healthier and more conscious me.

**@MistressNameless, great topic and timing is superb.

I may have to post more than once as I am tired but know I will think of more to list.

– I have met friends that I have had in some situations for half my life.

– Through the years I have become friends with some clients to the point where years later, I consider them among the handful of people I trust with my life, as I know they trust their life with me. My clients in several rare instances, have become far better play partners than the lifestyle friends and lovers I have known.

– Playing I have fulfilled and exceeded every goal I made in the early years and even in recent years when I reworked my business plan. I have several higher level degrees and certifications thanks to being able to afford the cost and time of school.

**This thread is such a much-needed blessing. But first I’d like to apologize for lack of paragraph indentations: I dropped my comp on the floor and all I have is DasGutz’s comp- which is a POS; but I’m happy to have it. Traveling- OMGods! To have the joy of non-SoCal clients, having hope that the rest of the world isn’t like this morass of wankers, getting to see new places and meet new people and make friends at munches. Meeting fellas who appreciate true (yes, I said it: twoo) BDSM and knowing that it is truly appreciated and not always something out of a porn vid. getting to teach getting invites all over the country and world requests to perform and do demos being on TV and entertaining and helping our troops in Afghanistan *And finally: getting to spend days w Mistress Nameless and her welcoming us to her home when we traveled up north last summer, and meeting Michelle Lacy at DomCon this year and we got big hugs the second she spotted and recognized me in the crowd

**I feel empowered, evolving from a point in my life where I felt powerless and dehumanized.

**I feel more myself; that there’s a community of Dom/mes who share similar personality traits, and a community of people who appreciate us, is… It leaves me breathless sometimes.

I meet interesting people. Some jerks, but sure, you’d meet that anywhere. And I don’t just mean, “I’ve met amazing Dommes,” though I have, but I’ve met people on both sides who have struggled to embrace their authentic selves, and they’re an inspiration to me.

I’ve never been paid to just have fun. That’s pretty damn cool!

And finally, I have an opportunity to be both aggressive, and nurturing. To care for people under my whip, but to show it however I please.

**For me it has brought:

>A sense of being beautiful and attractive and sexy. Pretty good for an old bat. Many of my “gentlemen”, young and older have told me how sexy and gorgeous I am! You have no idea, you younger ones, how getting older, watching your skin start to wrinkle and sag and look like your Mom’s and needing hair color every 2 weeks or the grey starts to show (ok for some but my hair is really thin), and how your body starts to reshape in not flattering ways …how this has an impact on how you feel about yourself. Before I started to do this professionally I was starting to let myself feel old. But now I KNOW I’m sexxy when I want to be. And men pay me money for it! Fantastic! It really is a big boost to my self esteem. I know, I know, a woman’s self esteem should not be wrapped up in her looks, in a perfect world but let’s face it, once you’ve been a good looking woman and it all starts to go away and because of the society we live in, at least some of our sense of self is eroded. This has brought me back pride and youthfulness/playfulness and is helping me to cope with the inevitable slide.

>A sense of pride in that I feel I actually help many of my gentleman. Help them in many ways, you all know what I mean. Help them stay in sexless marriages, help them relieve tremendous stresses, help them to be able to concentrate better, help them act out childhood fantasies that give deep release and sense of completion. I sometimes feel like a sex therapist! Even if no sex is involved…. ! Nurturing even!

>A sense of pride that I am contributing to the financial health of my household. Before doing this it was very difficult when trying to get a job due to many factors.

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