The Cave


“Wow, that’s a neat cave for you’ve built out of torn pillows seeping feathers, ragged blankets and splintered furniture. May I join you?” you said, peeking in through the front of my fortress. You asked so nicely and actually COMPLIMENTED my cave, how could I not say yes? So you climbed in next to me. I didn’t know there was space for anyone else, I hadn’t built the cave that way. You put your arms out, “You look cold” you said, “would you like to lean against me to get warm?” I stared for a moment, then scooted over and gingerly rested my head against your shoulder. You put your arms around me and pulled me a little tighter. We stayed like that until we both could feel my muscles relaxing.

“Hey look” you said, “There’s a lovely dinner laid out just up that rise outside the cave”. I realized I hadn’t really eaten anything in the days I’d spent in the cave so I let you take me by the hand and lead me out of my shelter. We walked up the small slope to the table. You seated me, then took your place next to me.

You told me stories. You drew out mine. You made me smile and giggle and blush just a little. We feasted. When we’d finished, you looked over my shoulder. “Oh, it appears dessert and coffee are being served on the top of that hill behind you. Would you like to walk there with me?”

A strange peace was creeping into me and I nodded with another small smile. You took my hand as we made our way up the hill to our post dinner decadence. We settled on the couch, in front of us a fire pit, the most sumptuous looking dessert and a never-ending cup of coffee. “This is delightful” you said.

Sitting there under a cloudy sky, I looked up at you, realizing I was again in your arms. Both the light and dark inside me was reflected back in your eyes. There was no judgment, no disdain ~ only acknowledgement, acceptance. Only “Hey, I see you and its ok. You’re ok”.

We (I) finished dessert, and you said you had something you wanted to show me. “Just around the bend, it’s a short walk, I promise”. By now I trusted you and took your hand first. We walked along a path through the grass and pebbles. Hand in hand we navigated higher and higher up the side of the mountain.

When we reached the top, you stopped and I saw radiant sunshine, a soft warm breeze scattering dandelion blooms like spring snow, people playing and laughing.

Then I turned

And I saw you…


by _dark_phoenix_ Original Post

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