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Wonderful and affordable experience!!

My submissive and I stayed for the first time, just over a week ago. We had such an amazing time and absolutely cannot wait to return. Lady Leigh was a pleasure to chat with and we look forward to purchasing some of the great leather items as well. We also managed to get some great shots from our session and would love for you to check them out on my page sometime. Thank you for making our first ever dungeon stay such a wonderful and affordable experience!!



6/12/2017 - A House on Any Street in Any Town

This story begins in a town, any particular town. There are neigbhorhoods in towns and houses in the residential variety. Many of these have the same aspects - a house, a driveway, fences or woods to block the view of neighbors. Those who read this tend to have an appreciation for the privacy that is provided within. Driving along, following the GPS on the phone and our own directions when GPS fails, a particular house is found as we pull into the driveway. It is a large driveway, one which has a few cars parked already. Two stories tall, a stairway leads up to the balcony and entrance. After some time waiting in the car, we proceed up the stairs. I have the bag over my shoulders while wearing a nice dress and my sandals.

Upon entry, pleasantries are exchanged, transactions completed, and we are welcomed in. There are few people there, so we take a look around. After looking through the place, the rope comes out. My hands bound, I follow along and stay close. Southern and classic rock plays as everyone talks and jokes are made about keeping subs and pets on leashes. It is relaxing and I am already settling into a calm and comfortable state. The need for me to be anxious, to worry about the mundane, to make critical decisions has left. All I have to do is follow, feel, and do as I am told.

Bliss has begun.

After talking, after a little bit to drink, and after a few more people arrive, I am led to a cross. During this time, there have been pokes, prods, tweaks, and slaps. All of this is foreplay, signs of affection shared daily - but this time in a crowd of those who are also of our kind. At the cross, there are eyebolts, perfect for attaching cuffs to. I should know, there are a set of cuffs and connectors in the bag. Thinking is not my job at that point, as my hands are untied.

I whimper, bliss starting to fade and thoughts creeping in again - nervous ones, even as the rope sliding along my wrists drive me to distraction. It is a combination of feelings which throws me into more disarray. What is going on, why am I being untied? He isn’t breaking out cuffs or clips. Does he just want me to hold on to the cross?

Then, I feel an arm being grabbed, a rope being looped around the wrist. Finishing his work, he ties my left arm to the cross. Then, the right. My legs spread on their own, my body knows what is coming and is primed. The music is different than I am used to, but they are songs I know well. They resonate and I start to sway. As the first contact occurs, I begin to sway and sing. The warmup continues.

In the middle, hands feel along where the toys are already leaving their kiss, then one shoulder lights up from a bite. One word - “Symmetry.” as the other lights up. Then, the game starts in earnest. It goes from light floggers to heavier. Cat-5 comes out to play for a while, dragon’s tongue gets it’s lick. Each one punctuated by feeling along the affected areas. Following this, the firehose comes out.

I have had experience with the material before. Once, I made a thumper of it, encased in leather. This was firehose raw, as it was meant to be felt. Stingthuds kept hitting, high and low. Eventually, I could not tell up from down, left from right. The pain was what there was, and I was feeding off it, through a lifeline of music. I wanted more and more and more, for the experience to continue as long as it could. For Those About to Rock, Sweet Home Alabama, and so many more went through before and afterwards. Then, my body betrayed me, the ropes holding my weight as I collapsed.

As I was untied, I started to nuzzle, to ask about the cleaning cloths and wipes. I was allowed to clean the cross, I think. Then, I made my way to grab my blanket, draping it on an ottoman and curling up. The ropes did not come back on for the rest of the night, but they may as well have been there, comforting me, keeping me close to him. Later on, when I still craved more, he went for an area he had not touched, as my ass was pretty well done for the night. A breast flogging. With the hormones I’m on, they have been growing and they are sensitive. My cries were not of pain, but sheer pleasure. Growing more and more horny with every slap, I would have tried to ravish him, but for where we were.

In the end, I was curled up again, other than to get food and water. As the night went on, I stayed in a state of arousal, being teased and trying my best to carry on normal conversations with those around. Eventually, it was time to leave their home in favor of our home. On the way back and eating afterwards, fatigue set in hard. We made it home, he did a little more work on his canvas, and I fell asleep a happy Kally.

It’s amazing what happens when you find the right house in a town, yes?

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Renting the LoftNC

My partner and I rented out Loft NC for the night recently and it was the most amazing experience! I know a lot of lovely kinksters, but none more friendly and accommodating than the owners of Loft NC.

The facility itself is a kinkster's wet dream, with everything we could wish for in a play space! It is simultaneously comfortably homey and erotically atmospheric. The place was clean, well stocked, and had every amenity we wanted, and then some!

Way to go Lady Leigh and company!

Theo & Isis

Happy New Year 2017

You are a gracious and welcoming hostess. Our experiences at the Loft have been nothing but educational, fun and comfortable. That speaks highly of You and all the others You mentioned. We are looking forward to attending as many events this year as we can possibly fit in our social calendar. Happy New Year