Take care of yourselves

by loftnc@gmail.com

I recently gave a lecture on this at True Desires as Maitresse Renee has us give a lot of really helpful and educational classes to the slaves so they leave feeling more enriched. I feel it’s becoming really important to stress as our world (especially our country) becomes more obese, unhealthy, and at risk for strokes.


If something bad happens to you, at your Mistress’s dungeon, she might have to call an ambulance. Hurt man in a dungeon? That becomes a news story. That ruins your life, and hers. People will think SHE hurt you somehow, now her business is ruined.
Think twice about keeping medical issues from your dominatrix.

Feeling faint? dizzy? On medications where that is a side effect? TELL YOUR DOMINATRIX. Don’t tell her you are FINE and she unties you, and you fall FACE FIRST onto the tile floor. While most of us are smart enough and skilled enough to read you, assist in taking you off of a piece of furniture, and make sure you cannot fall IN CASE you happen to be dizzy, or suddenly start to feel dizzy like all Pro Dommes SHOULD do, it also helps if when you DO feel dizzy, to tell us instead of playing the “tough guy” act and winding up hurt.

Serving a Mistress and in bad health? We have enough things to worry about in our lives. We don’t need to worry about the man who is supposed to bring us joy and make our lives easier, behaving unsafely and giving himself health problems that are easily preventable or worsening existing health issues. When you end up sick and in the hospital or worse, DEAD, your family members are not going to call your Mistress and tell her that you are in _____ Hospital on ______ road and to come and see you. They also won’t tell us that you have died. You simply disappear, leaving us freaking out, checking obituaries, unable to even attend your funeral and say goodbye.

Mistresses who have health issues….. you should not be playing with a sub where he is in inescapable bondage. FORBID you have a seizure, a stroke, collapse in some way and hit your head, this man is now tied up and in a bad way, his circulation might be limited (hands tied above his head, bondage in a certain spot might be a bit too tight) and now this poor man is screwed.

Subs, you should not be engaging in ANY PLAY that you are not healthy enough for and keeping that a secret from your Mistress.

Mistresses, it is a good idea to become CPR certified. It’s NOT time consuming or expensive. Even if it was….holy shit…. get CPR certified.

In certain cases, in certain legal climates, under certain circumstances, a pro domme can get her CHILDREN taken away from her if something bad happens to you due to your own negligence and law enforcement catches wind of it. While it isn’t smart to be a dominatrix where pro domination isn’t allowed especially with having children to lose, it’s not the point.

She can lose her vanilla career depending on what kind of job she has, if something happens to you, and it is somehow made public due to police turning it into a media circus.

Please play safe, and keep yourselves healthy.

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