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Dungeon Rules

The LoftNC supports both Safe, Sane and Consensual (SSC) and Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) ethos in regards to all BDSM play. Anyone who chooses to participate in activities at The LoftNC is aware that scenes may cause risk to those participants and as such participants are encouraged to negotiate scenes thoroughly with their partner.

The LoftNC is a Members Private Social Club for events and socials.

A Membership sticky is posted with additional information. Members are expected to follow all rules. Failure to do so will result in your being asked to leave the premises.


When in doubt about any rules, please find a staff member or Lady Leigh. We will be happy to help you.

RSVP is required for all events so that we have a head count.

The first time you attend you will need to RSVP to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the address for the LoftNC. (NO, our address will not show up on any MAP program. If you MapQuest without the address you will not end up at the LoftNC, you'll wind up at a caterer- oops!). Once you have been given the address then you only need to click "going" to RSVP for future events. Members are allowed to bring guest but need to RSVP for their guest(s). Members and guests are expected to keep the addresses of the LoftNC private. DO NOT SHARE THE LOFTNC ADDRESS

Sex Positive - yes sex is allowed!

As a Private Members Only Club, sex is allowed at the LoftNC during most events or socials. Be aware that the LoftNC does not have any private rooms - so you may have an audience as there are voyeurs among us! NO naked butts on the furniture! Please use blankets and/or towels and clean up when you are done.

No liquor, firearms, weapons, nor illegal substances of any kind are allowed.

Alcohol (other than beer/wine) or illegal drugs are FORBIDDEN on LoftNC property with NO exceptions. If you appear to be high or drunk you will be asked to leave. Currently we do allow beer or wine (BYOB/W) during Sunday classes/demos within reason, however, we reserve the right to withdraw this allowance if it becomes a problem and we ask you to drink responsibly - remember that drinking slows responses and is not recommended during play.  If the Event post contradicts this rule then the Event post prevails for that Event.

Age is 21 and up unless otherwise specified for a particular event such as a TNG night.

18-20 must RSVP directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for LoftNC events and socials, and membership may be granted on a case by case basis. See sticky for more info.

Normal scene etiquette is required (i.e., Do not interfere with a scene, do not invade scene space, etc).

Please keep conversation, laughter and comments to a minimum around the play areas - please be aware that sounds carries and your conversation may not seem loud but may cause a disruption of scene or demo taking place. Do not monopolize the equipment. Do NOT join a scene unless it has been negotiated prior to the start of the scene by all parties involved No touching of any property, toys or person that does not belong to you without express permission of the owner.

Cleaning supplies are available throughout and all equipment should be cleaned after use.

Towels and sheets are also available as are aftercare blankets. Please no naked butts on the furniture. Leave all equipment free of sweat, blood, other bodily fluids, wax, toys, etc. Bodily fluids may include perspiration, blood, vaginal secretions, semen, urine, and other substances. Safety precautions are strongly encouraged, and all bodily fluids must be cleaned up upon completion of the scene.

Bathroom - Please be mindful that the LoftNC has one bathroom at this time.

Extended use for changing is discouraged, please see a staff member and we can assist you with changing in private. In addition, if a class or scene is in progress, please tiptoe (go quietly) to use the bathroom so as to not disturb others. We ask that the door be left open when not in use to avoid the peepee dance of those waiting.

Smoking (cigarettes/pipe/cigars or vape (non THC) only) is allowed on the deck only.

Please discard your butts in the ashtray provided. If you choose to smoke downstairs, please discard your butts in a garbage can and not in the yard.

Dress Code - Vanilla attire is required outdoors at all times.

Once inside you may dress or undress as you desired, kink, little or nothing. If you need to go outside to smoke on the deck, please cover up before doing so. We don't want to draw unnecessary attention from the neighbors.  **Vanilla attire is considered appropriate for grocery shopping, mall, movies, etc.)

SAFEWORDS - RED is the recognized safeword for stop, and YELLOW for caution/check in to see what is wrong.

If a safe word is called and the scene is not stopped, a staff member or DM may intervene to stop the scene.

Waivers of liability

Digital Waivers of Liability to the LoftNC and its staff must be signed for participation at any event, class or social. Digital COVID Waivers are also required prior to attending any event, class or social. Links will be provided with your RSVP from ticket purchase.


You must have your cell phone on silent in the dungeon areas at all times and cameras must have blue tape covering all lenses. The updated PHOTO POLICY can be found here.

Photo Policy: The LoftNC previously allowed photos as long as the photo taken and posted ONLY contained your subject and no one else was in the background. Since this has not been adhered to as we had hoped, the LoftNC is instituting a no recording device rule. This includes cell phones, cameras, etc. As such, going forward NO photos, videos or audio recordings will be permitted at any event unless approved by the LoftNC Staff.  If you’d like to take photos, you must have a staff member approve and be present while the pictures are taken. The staff will ensure there is no bystanders in the background prior to taking and also will need to review the pictures at that time as well, on your device. Videos are NOT permitted at any time.

Cell Phone Policy:  If cell phones are needed to be out during attendance at any event at the LoftNC, blue painters tape must be covering the aperture (the hole that takes the picture) on your phone. This tape is highly visible and easily removable with no sticky residue and ensures everyone that no cameras are in use. Tape will be available at the check-in desk and the staff will help with covering your camera lens for you.  If you do not have your aperture covered, and a staff member sees your phone out, we will ask to review the content on your device to ensure no pictures or video have been taken, this includes reviewing any content in camera rolls, folders, ‘trash’ or 'deleted folders’, email, or other applications on your device.

Types of Scenes Allowed - most scenes are allowed with a very exeptions or guidelines as follows:

Knifes and needles, Wax, and Suspension are permitted provided such scenes are made known to the staff prior to the scene beginning.

Planned Punishment Scenes PLANNED intensive punishment scenes intended to deal with behavior that occurred outside of the play space, often in advance of the planned punishment date and where such infraction did NOT happen on LoftNC property, are strictly FORBIDDEN. These types of scenes have been a cause for concern to the membership and community in the past, thus the restriction.
This restriction does NOT preclude on-the-spot punishment for behavior that takes place at the LoftNC and does NOT include "funishment" scenes.


Donations of snacks, drinks, household items, and skills are always welcome.


The LoftNC is available for rent by the hour to those who require a dungeon play space and equipment for such scenes or overnight if desired. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for rates and availability.


Please keep in mind, these rules are for the safety and privacy of all of our members and guests. If you have any questions, please ask a member of the LoftNC Staff or Lady Leigh.  When in doubt about any rules, please find a staff member or Lady Leigh. We will be happy to help you. 

In addition, please read Blog posts Etiquette & Courtesy during scene time and Basic Etiquette





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