Good people carry scars on their hearts.

Sometimes they are self-inflicted. Sometimes fear and distrust lead to mental cutting, and the wounded heart grows darker and even less vulnerable.

But they usually didn’t start that way.

The first cuts were at the hands of those who didn’t deserve the trust they were given, the innocent heart given to the one who would never commit, or would feign commitment to gain access.

Is the innocent responsible for her own poor choices? Maybe so.

But the wolves lie in wait, give only as much as they have to in order to take what they want, then vanish back into the night. The victim they leave behind believes the lie that she invited the attack, and grows bitter rather than wiser.

Innocent heart – tread softly, watch carefully. Protect yourself. Better yet, find some worthy protectors, those who can smell the wolves coming. Heed their warnings.

Reposted with permission from HandlesWithCare original post

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