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This post may seem abrupt, but I feel that certain things need to be said in an abrupt manner to get the point across. I have seen on many social media sights (not just this one) how conversations can go south very quickly due to misinterpretations. So should someone post something that may seem offensive to you, keep this in mind….

Sometimes the breadcrumbs don’t post in time for you to see what’s been posted before you respond to the original post. A person didn’t ignore your comment, they just didn’t see it in time. This can lead to misinterpretations. So please be mindful of this when commenting and before you jump to conclusions.

I have seen others slamming other folks regarding their comments, fetishes, play type, etc…all based on a miscommunication. Many people, I am sometimes guilty of this, as we all are, will often assume the negative.

Folks, we are on fetlife here. We stick needles in our balls, we sew pussy lips shut, we cut people with knives, we take pride in our bruises and marks that would make a vanilla person cringe, etc. We, of all folks, are the ones who should not be judging any individual. With that being said…..

It is NOT COOL to judge a person based on their opinions. You don’t know their life journey. Life experiences has a lot to do with how we form our opinions. Open up, stop being so closed minded and judgmental.

It is NOT COOL to slam a person for making a suggestion regarding a certain type of play or fetish. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean that you have to get all pissy if its suggested. Most folks make suggestions in playful manners in an attempt to keep things fun. Let’s keep it fun.

It is NOT COOL to insinuate negative behaviors about that individual based on their suggestions just because you or your group doesn’t particularly like that type of play/fetish. Again, most folks make suggestions in playful manners in an attempt to keep things fun. If you don’t think its fun, then don’t do it. But slamming someone for simply making the suggestion all in good fun is wrong.

It is NOT COOL to automatically assume that someone wants to deliver/receive the suggested play just because they are the ones who suggested it on a social forum meant for folks to socialize. We are here to socialize and have fun. Not find reasons to get pissed off every time somebody makes a comment to which we may not agree.

Listen Masters and slaves/Doms and subs, don’t flatter yourselves. Not everybody wants to play with you. Just because they suggest it, does NOT mean that they want to deliver or receive it. Just because it’s their opinion about a certain subject, does NOT mean that you have to agree. And if you disagree, do it with respect. Derogatory and antagonizing comments are not needed.

All of us have been guilty of this at some point, so you nor I are excluded. We all need to stop being so overly sensitive and stop finding so many reasons to get offended. It makes others feel suppressed when they cannot express themselves playfully without things getting taken completely out of context. If you don’t share the same sense of humor, MOVE ON. Its just a downright nuisance to feel attacked just because you had the audacity to joke around or have an opinion. It leads to folks like me feeling like I have to make posts like this to get the word out for folks like you to stop acting like a bunch of crybabies just looking for reasons to get pissed off.

So please, read comments thoroughly. If it strikes a nerve, read it again and again and again before you comment. If you feel that its negatively geared towards you specifically, it most likely is not. You are most likely just projecting your “un-dealt with” issues onto someone else. However, ASK THE PERSON before jumping to conclusions and posting antagonizing comments. Be mindful of your comments. Learn some manners and learn to BE NICE. Doing these things can avoid much confusion and miscommunications.

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