Owned (“You are mine”)

by loftnc@gmail.com

He saw her across the room
And scanned her slowly
From head to toe
She was not what an ordinary man
Would call classically beautiful
But then
He was no ordinary man

Despite her expensive suit,
high heels and hose
He took note of the grey in hair
The wrinkles at the corners of her eyes
The lines between her brow
Her face was a bit too full
Her bottom a bit too round
Her breasts too overflowing
And her tummy a bit too soft

But she squared her shoulders
Brought herself up
And leveled those eyes of blue on him
She pierced him with her gaze
And in that cool look
She sized him up
And told him
“I am wild. I will not be tamed.
And you will never own me.”

But he pursued her
Talked with her often
Touched her casually
And warmed her up
He made her smile and laugh
He gained her trust
And eventually
They talked of play

The two danced together
Like cat and mouse
One in pursuit of the other
And when they were ready
He bound her wrists
Above her head
Her ankles in spread eagle fashion

She stood proud in her pose
Unfolded and bare
For him to see and touch
At his will
But she begged for the blindfold
That would hide her eyes
In complete darkness
And bring oblivion

She wanted to feel beautiful
Desirable, and sexy
She couldn’t bear to see him
Assess her body
And see all the flaws

Yet he denied her the reprieve
The blindfold would bring
That would let her
Escape and hide
As he took note
Of what he saw
And told her
Of all her scars

He traced the stretch marks
Across her belly and breasts
That told of the baby
She once had carried
The one that she bore
That never breathed
Yet left its toll
On her soul

He traced the scar
Down her back
Where the doctors
Had cut her open
Despite the weakened spine
And bones that cracked
She brought herself upright
And stood
Defiantly and proud

To get her attention
He smacked her ass
And watched it bounce
Reveling in the jiggle
He soothed her thigh
Pressing on the dimples
Grabbing it slightly
And noting the strength and thickness

He ran his fingers
Through her hair
That framed her aging face
And put his finger
Below her chin
Raising her head
To face him

She couldn’t meet his gaze
So ashamed she was
He had seen all the flaws
And felt the scars she bore
Her eyes fluttered closed
Her lashes resting on her cheeks
That burned brightly
With shame and embarrassment

“Look at me,” he growled
Snapping her to attention
She took a breath
Stealing herself
But unable to lift her eyes

“Please, look at me,”
He whispered this time
Shifting her gaze
And piercing him with blue
She looked into eyes
The color of whiskey

“Where you see flaws,
I see beauty.
Where you see scars,
I see life.
And while I enjoy
The body you offer,
It is your spirit
I desire to own.”

And with those words
He opened her heart
As he inflicted
Sensations on her skin
He left his marks
Bruises, welts
Bites and cuts
Imprints on her body

She whimpered and cried
She broke and sobbed
And as he continued
He made her soar
He pushed her over the edge
To the rocks below
Until her body collapsed

He undid the bonds
That still held her bound
Releasing her
To fall against him
He cradled her body
And held her tight
Soothing her
While she floated

“That’s my girl,” he crooned
“You are beautiful
You are flawless
You are perfect
And you are mine”

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