Open Letter To The Submissive Who is Apprehensive


Yes – you – the one sitting in front of your computer screen, reading these posts and wondering if you can ever be involved.

You can. Yes – you. I know you think you’re a submissive, so you’re not usually the one who takes the initiative. Maybe you’re not even sure where you stand on everything yet. Maybe you keep thinking about it, but self-esteem issues or worry makes you change your mind at the last minute.

Don’t let worry be your Master. Worry is a terrible master and leaves you alone and wishing, never satisfied. Worry neglects you, and you’re worth so much more than that.

Get up, get out, and DO something! Meet people. Make friends. If you just can’t do a dungeon to start out, find some munches to attend. But you have to do something.

You know what? I’ve seen people go to events and they are brand new. Sometimes they get asked questions and they have to say they don’t really know the answer, because this is so new to them. And that’s okay. In fact, it’s MORE than okay – I think that’s great. They went out to find out what they want – and they knew that in order to do that, they need to explore.

I was once like you. Probably worse. The word “dungeon” made me shiver – til I saw a couple and realized they aren’t big scary iron and stone buildings. And the people inside – real folks. Super nice too – you do yourself a disservice by not meeting them. And I’m not “there” yet myself … I have a good deal of growing yet to do – but I know where I can learn. And I am always learning … many times from people who have no idea that they are teaching me – but they are. And I love and appreciate them – and so will you.

I hope this will encourage you and give you that extra little push you need to get out from behind the screen, and realize the “big picture” is so, so much better than the snapshot you get otherwise.

Original post by KitaSparkles

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