Kissing is the most intimate way a sub can submit to a DOM…


I love to have sensual, passionate make out sessions with a really cute
sub who really knows how to kiss, submissively…

I will bring my lips close to hers, but just out of reach and off limits…
teasingly, to show her my Dominance.

At this early stage, her role is to receive what is given
but not attempt to reciprocate.
Not yet… an obedient sub will patiently wait for her first kiss.
The anticipation is almost as hot as the actual kiss,
such is the excitingly arousing Dominant/submissive dynamic.

First, there is nothing hotter and sexier than a first kiss.
That sets the tone for the session…
followed by soft, sensual kissing between a Dom and his sub
who know how steamy great kissing can be.
Taking turns exploring and tasting each other’s lips and tongues,
while catching stolen glances into each others’ eyes,
losing ourselves in the passion and sensuality of deep, soul kisses.

As a Dominant, I like to press within and set my tone early on…
There is the submission of your tongue that I prefer to make a priority
from the start. It is the first personal place to explore,
and when I find someone who I click with…
someone who speaks my oral language…
We can then share a smoldering fire that builds in intensity
and can be a source of extraordinary pleasure for hours…

Hard, sensual kissing can also turn very physical and lead into incredible moments of biting and other oral arousal…
to your earlobes, your shoulders, down the nape of your neck,
between your breasts; then whispering nasty, dirty things…
leading into hair pulling and aggressive D/s sex
and kissing becomes part of the whole process… it is a good leader
I can devour my subs when the chemistry is right…
Dominant Hedonism at it’s best…

Kissing can be as intimate as sex, only more accessible and with more variety depending on how you play with it,
especially as a tool for the Dominant kisser.
Its expressive intimacy is limitless and incredibly satisfying.

Finding a girl I love making out with, is like hitting the Jackpot!!

Kissing is the first, and arguably the most intimate way
a sub can submit to a Dom.
If the kissing is right, the more ‘intimate’ play/contact
will be incredible!

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