If you ever wondered what rope sluts think about

Some of the crazy things that crossed my mind over the last few sessions;

by loftnc@gmail.com
  • Oh I cut myself – can I get a bondage please?
  • ‘Mum, I’m going to a macramé workshop for the weekend’ …yeah, that should work.
  • I’m really starting to get this string theory thing…
  • Surely falling down the stairs is a believable excuse to cover bruises from impact play. People fall down stairs all the time.
  • Remember that time I told my co-workers I fell down the stairs to cover bruises from impact play and they started looking at my partner funny? Hilarious.
  • I wonder if anyone’s unintentionally called it ‘kinkbaku’ their whole lives.
  • God, somebody could get rich if they made a bra as supportive as this TK.
  • Why is it only ever the rope that gets singed and oiled?
  • Hey I’m like a salami!
  • I wonder if bondage is halal.
  • I should do my tax.
  • I should really do my tax.
  • Maybe I can claim rope on my tax.
  • There needs to be a cover of Beyoncé’s Single Ladies (Put a Rope on It).
  • I’m turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese, I really think so.
  • I’m swingin’ in the rain / just swingin’ in the rain!
  • Shit are those hicke- oh we’re using polypropylene, right.
  • What the hell is ‘Saran Wrap’?
  • I totally get why they call it Glad Wrap in Australia now!
  • (Prawn tied) Hello floor! Nice to meet you – we’re going to be best friends.
  • If I just wriggle my toes a bit… oh, so you’re tying those up too then? Ok.
  • Between hemp, jute and nylon I’m just gonna say… Yes. Definitely yes.
  • My thigh looks like a string netted ham and now I’m hungry.
  • My thigh looks like a string netted ham that’s been smoked and I’m still hungry.
  • We should cook ham and black bean soup tonight.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, rope is great and… rope is just so great.
  • Semenawa doesn’t sound so bad… oh, is that coconut rope? Touché.
  • Ha! I know how to get out of this!
  • I can’t get out of this.
  • Help.
  • Hey don’t put those sweets in my mouth, I thought you said we were going to have a piñata! Oh wait.
  • I never got suspended at school… gee, I was missing out.
  • Is there a metre-high club?
  • Oh. Wow. What… I need me some frequent flyers. I’m a member now right?
  • If you had conductive rope, tied it to a kite and flew it off into a thunderstorm. Hmm… probably doesn’t come under SSC.
  • (On the pros/cons of being rope-gagged) Well, it’s high in fibre!
  • I’m not ticklish.

Have you had any crazy thoughts while getting tied? Or doing the tying? Share them in the comments!

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