How can I make them be the perv of my dreams?


Compatibility is a crucial component of a successful relationship. Communication ranks right up there with it. Face it, if you both love liver (shudder) but you assume your partner doesn’t because their mother is a founding member of the Coalition Opposed to Liver Eaters, you’re never going to ask to eat liver for dinner.

No relationship is perfect. There will always be some incompatibilities. Before you can work on a solution, both of you have to know there is a problem to be solved. If your significant other hates the flavor of mint toothpaste and you love it, you have to tell them so the two of you have the chance
to figure out a way to deal with that.

Both of these examples are mild compared to the issues we all face as we navigate through life. A more significant matter that faces us (and by us I mean submissive women) is reconciling our kinks with our “Pick Your Label”. So, here are some questions to consider and discuss. Please answer as many or as few as you like. Do not feel obligated to speak only to these questions. If you have a different question or comment, please do add them.

  • What do we do if our kink or submissive needs aren’t being met?
  • What if our “Pick Your Label” isn’t as domineering, sadistic or strong enough for us?
  • What if our “Pick Your Label” is too harsh, judgmental or distant for us?
  • Are we wrong for wanting more or less?
  • When are we being unreasonable?
  • When do we keep on fighting for our relationship with “Pick Your Label”? When do we give up?
  • How do I talk to “Pick Your Label”?

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He is trying to change me… – This one is particularly interesting as her husband is trying to make her into the perv of his dreams.

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