First steps


This is the first formal training exercise I do with new submisives. Its part of my protocol training.

It’s also an effective and fun way to transition from vanilla or “just in the bedroom” kink to the beginnings of power exchange.

Think of it like your kids first steps.

All you need is a glass, a faucet, and a submissive that is eager to be trained.

Step one:

Explain to your new sub what the proper response to your commands is. For me it’s “Yes Daddy” for you it could be yes sir/master/alpha. It could be “aye aye captain!” Whatever you like. Just make sure what you expect is clear.

Step two:

Tell her to get you a glass of water. Her response should be an immediate “yes Daddy”/whatever you have chosen.

When she brings you the glass tell her to kneel and present the glass to you.

Say thank you and/or good girl.

Explain that this is the proper way to present you with something you have asked for.

Step three:

Now give her a new command:
Don’t let my glass run out.

The goal of this exercise is to accomplish three important things.

Teaching your sub to give a proper response when given a command.

Getting her comfortable kneeling.

Teaching her to be mindful of your needs.

The great thing about this exercise is that it’s simple. You can do it while watching a movie, playing games ect. Whatever you would normally be doing together.

If she lets the glass run out chose an appropriate punishment. I personally don’t feel that a physical punishment is appropriate for this exercise. What would be appropriate is writing lines, for example:

“I will be mindful of my Daddy’s needs” 50 times.

The punishment should reinforce the point of the exercise.

It’s important to note here guys that if you guzzle the water down you are setting your submissive up for failure. So this is also an exercise in sipping. If you do tend to drink fast I suggest modifying the exercise so that your submissive is instructed to refill your glass within a reasonable amount of time.

Have fun!

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