Fire Play


by Howwwlnwulf

So you have embraced your inner caveman and cavewoman and want to play with fire.

What is it that excites you about this kind of play?

Fire affects all of us on a very base emotional level. It both fascinates and terrifies. As such it is no wonder fire draws us in and almost begs to be play with.

Fire does add a distinctly different level of play that may not exist in your other play activities.

Fire is most definitely considered a more edge play activity and as such will require a lot of practice and safety preparations. Let’s be honest, what we are about to do is deliberately set someone on fire.

It is inherently more dangerous than most other play so it has an element of mind fuck/psychological play. Besides the mind fuck aspect, fire play brings in new levels of sensations. It has new sounds, smells, and a visual aspect as well as the obvious sensations of heat.

One of the issues that make fire play so potentially dangerous is that fire is alive. What I mean by that is fire tends to surprise us by not acting in a predictable matter. When you throw a flogger, you tend to know how the impact is going to go. Fire will react differently each and every time you play with it, so you have to be prepared to handle it if it doesn’t go as planned.

As with all activities, fire play needs to be negotiated. A very good question should be if they have a fear of fire or if they have had a bad experience with fire. Remember, fire is one of those things that just create a sense of natural fear in people. Be prepared for an unexpected landmine. It might be a good idea to go over how the scene is going to go and show the bottom the safety preparations, especially if this is their first time and seem to be a bit nervous.

OK, now lets talk about basic safety. Remember you are setting a human being on fire here.


If you are playing outside, wait till dark, if its indoors, dim the lights. Alcohol flames are very hard to see in bright light.

Make sure your playing surface is nonflammable. Do not do fire play on a bed. A table is preferable.

Do not do fire play near any curtains, avoid fire play on carpeting if at all possible.


If you have to play on a surface that may burn (i.e carpeting or a massage table) make sure you have a fire retardant blanket. Kevlar works very well.

A damp towel is a good idea to cover the bottoms hair. Again you never can tell which way a flame will blow and hair is extremely flammable.

A bucket of water or fire extinguisher.

A good quality burn kit

• Do not perform fire play on the face or neck. Fire and heat must be kept away from the mouth and nose as the heat and fumes if inhaled may cause burning in the lungs.

• The genitals are extremely sensitive and even a slight burn can cause a large amount of discomfort. I don’t suggest trying genital fire play until you are very experienced with fire play.

• If you do choose to perform fire play on the genitals, be sure to shave the area completely and make sure that you DO NOT allow the flame to last longer than 2 seconds. Use a cool damp washrag to extinguish.

• Fire play is best done naked. If modesty requires underwear or panties, do not do fire play within 6-12 inches of the cloth.

• If using restraints during fire play (not advisable, however) use leather or metal. Do not use cloth or other flammable restraints.

• Do not do fire play on any open cuts, wounds or infected areas (ask about them in negotiations).

• Remove all flammable objects near the fire play area.

• If they have long hair, have them put it up.

• The bottoms skin should be clean and free of perfume and skin lotions. Shaving is optional, however hair tends to smolder if extremely hairy, also it smells bad. It is recommended that you do shave.

• Avoid heavy impact right after fire play. It should take about an hour for the skin to desensitize.

• If the fire happens to get out of control, smother it first with a fire blanket or extinguisher. Do not dump water on it if at all possible. Alcohol floats on water and could still burn. If the fire is still burning after 15 seconds, call 911.

• Avoid areas that pool. If a pool of alcohol gathers it may burn longer than you want and cause a burn. A good area to avoid is the navel.

• Do not place container holding the alcohol between the fire source and the bottom. Never pass the burning baton over the alcohol.

• Make sure your baton is free of excess alcohol. You do not want uncontrolled drops of burning alcohol.


Baton: A wooden/metal rod, with cotton batting on the end used to light an area or hold a flammable liquid, also called a torch.

Bouncing: The act of striking a lighted torch against an object depositing a small amount of the flammable substance on the object being struck.

Cupping: An ancient form of massage. Using a vacuum, the skin is drawn upinto a vessel and thereby stretched and massaged.

Flash Cotton: A magician’s trick using very flammable cotton which burns very quickly, very intensely, and completely.

Leather Rounds: Round pieces of leather used for various purposes.

Streaking: Using an unlit torch to deposit flammable liquid on an object and then lighting it.

Torch: See Baton

Vessel: A glass jar, heat resistant and not easily broken or cracked which should be clear or lightly colored. It also should be broad based so as not to be easily tipped over.

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