Etiquette & Courtesy during scene time

More basic etiquette guidelines for what to do or not do when scene/play is going on at an event:


Do not distract or disturb the players. This goes for when you see people preparing for a scene (Tops and bottoms both need time to prepare and get their head space ready), while in a scene and also after while they are doing aftercare. If you think someone is playing unsafely, go tell a Dungeon Monitor or a staff member.

Never walk between Top(s) and bottom(s) in a scene.

Do not disrupt the scene, or invade the scene space. Even if it’s a solo scene. This includes asking questions, or trying to give advice. Some scenes may not “look” like they are scenes – for example, sensual play on a massage table or rope being tied or untied on a bottom. These are scenes and require just as much courtesy as a spanking scene.

You may watch if invited, or if the play is in an open area. If someone has pulled curtains or such to gain privacy for a scene, please respect their needs.

Always watch from a safe distance. Be aware of the space around a scene. If the Top has a whip or flogger out, be mindful to not walk directly behind him/her.

Never invite yourself to join the scene: If you are wanted, you will be asked.

Please keep conversations to a minimum in a scene space. I know this is difficult sometimes but loud conversations can distract from a scene and cause either the Top or bottom to come out of head space and interrupt the scene. Remember “inside voices” or move away from the scene in progress if possible.

When a scene is complete, please allow the participants time for aftercare and cleanup of the equipment used. On that note as well if you have just completed your scene, be mindful that others may be waiting to use the cross, spanking bench or suspension rig. Overly long cuddle/aftercare time is wonderful but may need to be moved to another area of the club to allow the next scene to proceed.

*As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please see me or one of the staff. Our goal is to provide a safe fun environment for everyone to enjoy.

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