Doms are Like Toddlers

  • Their two favorite words are “no” and “now.”
  • They must always get their way. ALWAYS.
  • They DO NOT like being spanked.
  • They beat the crap out of their toys.
  • They can’t resist pulling long hair.
  • Everything is either, “No, I do it MYSELF!” or must be served to them with great flourish. There is no middle ground.
  • They don’t like being told what to do. (Thanks to @Bomber76 for “reminding” me to include this point.)
  • Everything is “MINE!” (Thanks to several commenters for this one.)
  • They like to bite. (Thanks to @MsLead.) Which is often followed by an evil grin. (My own addition!)
  • Pretty much ANYTHING can be a toy. (Thanks to @jasminejam.)
  • They leave brightly-coloured marks all over you. (Another great one from @jasminejam.)
  • No matter how much pain or mess they’ve caused, you can’t resist giving them a cuddle afterwards. (One more from @jasminejam.)
  • No matter how pretty you wrap the package, they CAN’T WAIT to rip it all off! And even then…they’d really rather just play with THE BOX. (From @bi_o_diversity.)
  • Sometimes, they just need a nap.

ETA – To be clear, I <3 D-types. Particularly the lovely ones in my life. I simply couldn’t help but notice the similarities. (Especially the hair pulling. And the beating of toys. And…) There is no criticism intended here. And frankly, sometimes I just need a nap, too!

ETA2 – I think my favorite thing about this writing is how many Doms are posting in the comments to essentially say, “Yeah, pretty accurate.” LOL! I love you all for being good sports and recognizing that this is, for the most part, a list of the things I love about Doms. 🙂 (Especially the hair pulling. And the beating of toys. And…)

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