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Random Acts of Caring

This was posted on SC LOCK and I thought it was awesome enough to share here.

Random Acts of Caring - "So Often We Forget"

This is a 30-day challenge
I challenge everyone to do 2 things daily:
*1) say " Thank you" to someone just because
*2) compliment one person everyday

The purpose of this is just to make the microcosm of a world around you just a little better. Who knows maybe we can at least make a change for a month. Please post your daily activities to share what can happen. Post here https://fetlife.com/groups/77214

Hoping we can reach more people and spread the word. Sometimes showing acts of caring really is lost in the daily hustle and bustle of life. As I sit here with my mom in Hospice this week and see the folks here who care so much for their patients, it truly warms my heart. We can all give a smile, hug or kind comment daily and brighten someones day.