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The Gift

He walks through the door closing it, turns the deadbolt with a click. He walks over to her, she's kneeling, waiting. She looks up into His eyes and smiles. She's happy He is here. She's been yearning for His cock.

She fumbles with His belt and zipper, hands shaking in anticipation of what's behind the cloth of His pants. She reaches in and unleashes his behemoth cock. Her eyes twinkle and she licks her lips. His cock is wondrous to see. So thick, she cannot wrap a hand fully around, there is a good inch or so between her fingertips. She shivers as her pussy starts to get wet thinking that His cock will be soon pounding her wet pussy deep and hard. Rough. The thickness stretching her. Every nerve feeling the magnificence of the sensation.

She sucks the head of His cock into her mouth. Her tongue flicks over the ridges underneath and over the tip, savoring the flavor of His skin.

His hands pet her head and then forcefully His fists grab hair on each side of her head and He forces His entire shaft into her mouth reaching the back of her throat. There is resistance. She reaches her hands around the back of His thighs grabbing for purchase and pulls towards herself forcing His cock further and deeper down into her throat.

She adores His incredible cock as it thrusts into her throat. Filling and stretching her throat. He pulls back as she gags and gasps for air. Only giving her a brief reprieve before thrusting back fully into her throat. As He passes into her mouth she starts to moan with delight but the moan is quickly stifled as His cock invades her throat deeper than before.

Her eyes gaze upward looking into His bringing her great joy seeing the pleasure on His face. He is pleased. He cums down her throat His hot load of cum dripping down her throat she feels it slide down and her pussy and clit tingles knowing she is being given a gift.

by Penelope