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Real Dominants don't...

"Real dominants don't ask the opinions of others."
"Real dominants don't allow questions from their submissive."
"Real dominants don't accept limits or requirements from anyone."
"Real dominants don't have sex with their submissives, or other dominants, or love anyone, ever."
"Real dominants don't do anything but what they want to do."
"Real dominants just KNOW."
"Once a submissive can place requirements on a dominant, can ask questions, or change their mind, the submissive is in charge, and the dominant is not a real dominant."

I checked the profile again. Yup, submissive.

Irony, meet submissive. Submissive, meet irony. I think you two have a lot to talk about.

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Commentary by Lady Leigh - We teach the submissive is always in charge of the scene and the dominant is always responsible.  So now, are you a real dominant?