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Do something positive

My dear friend Bella Bordeaux posted this today and I wanted to share with everyone here:

"I’m finding myself in a state of grief—but probably not for the reason you think.

Yes, the big topic of discussion is the election of POTUS. For the last few months, that’s really all that has been discussed, and it continues to be the Hot Topic of the day. Truth be told, it will continue to be a hot topic, long after the polls have closed. Yet, my grief doesn’t come from whether “MY” candidate won or lost. After all, we all knew someone was going to win, someone was going to lose. Approve of it or not, that is how our democratic process works. Instead I’m grieving the outcome and what this process has done to us as a nation.

Never in my lifetime have I experienced such a divided nation. Whether your candidate won and you are elated and excited, or your candidate lost and you are depressed and apprehensive, the bottom line is that we are divided. There is no in between. And this division? Well, it would have been present regardless of the outcome. You see, this election has not only divided Republicans and Democrats, it has pitted friend against friend, families against families. The Civil War did that too, when brother fought against brother.

Whether you feel the need to celebrate or mourn, I hope you will keep in mind, each of us has the power to choose how we want to respond. We can continue to argue and spew hatred at those who don’t appreciate our viewpoints. We can cower in fear of the future. We can further divide ourselves along lines of race, religion, age, gender, (dis)ability. Or we can band together and do good within our communities. We can treat others with kindness and respect. We can even appreciate and celebrate our differences.

The outcome of this election has not taken away my power. I still have the right to choose whether I will act for my own selfish gains, or whether my actions will benefit others. WE, as individuals and as a whole, have the ability to stop this national implosion and facilitate healing—if we choose to.

My nation is divided and hurting, even as some celebrate and rejoice, even as citizens from other nations pass judgment. And because of that, I choose to grieve, at least for the moment.

But tomorrow? Tomorrow, I will put a plan in place to do at least one more positive thing for another person, for my community, for my nation. I will act; I will not to stand by, quietly and cowering. I choose kindness and respect. I choose to heal.

Today, I grieve. Tomorrow, I heal."

Thank you Bella for your words of wisdom.