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so my cunt and I had a talk.

Me: What the hell is wrong with you that you won't get off?
my cunt: What do you mean? I'm not letting those nasty men have that much control over me.
Me: But this is the one that we like. The one who the mere thought of gets us wet.
cunt: Is Wolf coming to town with a new belt?
Me: No you fucking pussy, you know damn well that is just a fantasy. This is the first guy to turn us on.
cunt: Who are you calling a pussy? You know there's no fur on me if people are going to be around. And we aren't the first guy's type.
Me: Shut up and just get off will you?! He feels too fucking good to waste.
cunt: Don't tell me what to do. Just for that I'm going to make sure you're bleeding when you schedule your next few sessions. No three hole whore experiences for you.
Me: God you are such a fucking cunt.
cunt: I know. Fuck you and your expectations.

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