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When I say you are beautiful....

When I say you're beautiful...That's what I see!

When I tell you you're sexy...I mean it!
When I compliment you...I only speak the truth!


When you don't believe me...It hurts!
When you tell me I'm wrong...It depresses me!
When you tell me I need my head checked for the way I feel...It cuts...Deeply!
After a while, I start to believe you. Maybe I do need my head checked! Perhaps I am on glue! I start to question myself, my judgment, my views.

For years you were told you were ugly, useless, worthless and more in your past relationships and now here you are, doing essentially the same thing to me.
YES, that's right, I said it! Doing that to me makes you no better than your own abusers.

But here's the thing, WE are our own worst critics. Where you see flaws, I see perfect imperfections. Where you see scars, I see a story of struggle, strength and endurance of which you survived! Where you see the “ugly duckling”, I see the graceful swan, ready to spread her wings in all her glorious beauty.

So Damn your past abusers, Damn societies “version” of beauty and, forgive me, but Damn your own views. When I tell you you're beautiful, if you respect me, then simply say thank you and accept that that is what I see in you, because you... yes you, are beautiful...to ME!

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