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Can I Tie You Up?

Can I tie you up? I want to bind you in a way that is comforting to your soul, like a hug from a loved one, but I also want it to be discomforting to your skin, so the sadist in me can be fed. I want it to slightly burn, just a little though. Let it dig in, feel its grip on you as I tug and pull and watch each vibration hit you in a way that leaves you gasping, then begging for more.

I'm going to take my time, this is a slow dance. It's both the foreplay and the climax and every moment in between. This dance with the rope and you and I, is not just a scene, but when we do this with our energy wide open, it's the whole damn thing. It's our language, our words and everything we want to say, this rope thing we do, this isn't just for play. It's a connection, a bond, a way for us to break through, to something real inside of us, something we both know to be true.

It bends, it folds and slithers all over. It mends, it holds, causing you to quiver, over and over, until you cry out for that sweet release. The knots are slowly undone and you get your freedom, but in essence you lose the freedom to be lost in its touch. The tension is loosened, then the rope is gone. But as soon as it comes off and you find yourself naked, then for your next tie, you already start to long for it and cry its sweet song.

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