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Gifts for Him - Collaring

I found this post and thought there was a lot of great information shared so I wanted to repost it here so that others may find helpful info as well when needed.  Collaring is about both the Dom and the sub and often Doms like to wear or be gifted something from there sub as a token of love and commitment.  This post has several good references for gifts for him.

Collaring ceremony.  Original Discussion

by bisous-xx

So my Sir has decided to give me a daytime collar (having already received my play one).. and we want to do something nice to celebrate it.

I read a few websites and saw that sometimes the submissive gives something back to the dominant.. and I thought about how selfish it would be if he presented me with a collar and I didn't give something back to him to let him know how much it means to me and how I care equally about him.

I had a look on the internet and found a few bracelets, key rings, charms, dog tags etc.. but they all just look tacky to me.. I like the idea of something unique that I can give to him that nobody else could give. I'd ideally like to have something I can engrave a few words on..

Anybody have any suggestions? :)


Are you crafty enough to make him something? Hand made is always unique.


I don't do anything that you can engrave on but I am a micro mailler. Daddy wears my pieces constantly they are made from stainless steal. if you go to my profile then go to my Daddys he has a picture of what he wears. I'm still in the picture taking process of many pieces. And adding other things to my page. Any questions please feel free to ask :)


Esty.com search for one of a.kind things.to.give him


Speaking as a Master, Things Remembered is a mall chain with engravable silver cigar holders, brand name knives, classy key chains and more. Maybe you can find something there. Being given a keychain with "the key to my heart" on it would mean a lot to me. It would be even better if you could engrave the key that went to your collar. There are decorative silver and/or gold padlocks for daytime collars that are very classy but they are usually pretty small with small keys. Hope this helps. It is a start!


i gave my Master a beautiful leather leash so that He may lead me always. It doubles as a spanking thing too.


This person has some great options for gifts. He was at an event with his products that I saw and they looked to be all of good quality. https://fetlife.com/users/6727

He has links to his websites on his page and if you go through his pictures he has some photos of the paddles he's done. Most of his designs can be customized so you could have something made that suits your Master.

Just a suggestion ;-)


I've had customers request a collar and complimenting ring before, or a collar and bracelet, etc. If jewelry isn't his thing, as flyboy12 said, Things Remembered could be a good place to start for engravables. It's hard to recommend something without knowing the person. But if he's a sports fan I know there's a ton of that kind of stuff that you can personalize. Golf tees and balls, etc etc etc. Try typing in "personalized whatever he's into" into google and see what pops up.


My pet gave me a pocket watch...For a later anniversary I gave her a star.
The item selected is not as important as for what it means, it will remind him of the gift of you...