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With trust I am yours

I crave the calm, the stillness of my mind that arrives with the weight of your hand resting on my nape.

I crave the peace that comes from serving you.

I crave the tug of your hand in my hair to draw me to you.

I crave the knowledge that what I give is welcomed, accepted and honored by you.

I crave the power exchange when I submit to something because YOU want it, not because I do.

I crave the after burn from strikes because you delivered the blows.

I crave your smile when you are pleased with me.

I crave your instructions that weave your web of control around me.

I crave your pleasure when I submit to your will.

I crave your Dominance to encourage me to explore new experiences.

I crave the intimacy of resting at your feet.

I crave the synergy that evolves from our rituals.

Once you have my trust you have everything. I have my submission. Take it and use it as you will.
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