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Reflections & New Beginnings

As we near the end of 2013 and begin a new year, I find myself pausing to reflect on the past and anticipate the new. This year has been tumultuous at best, a roller coaster ride to say the least. Happy and sad at the same time and all at the same time which makes life confusing. Should I laugh or cry, rejoice or mope?

I'm so very thankful for all the friends that I/we have made this year. Our LoftNC family has grown more than I could ever have hoped. This family has truly become a family in every since of the word and has held me up more this year than anyone could ever expect or ask. They have been here through the build out of the Loft, the illness and death of my Mom, and the wedding of my daughter. I have leaned on them in good times and bad and they have held me while I cried and laughed. I love them all so dearly. They give me purpose to do what I do some days.

To all the friends of the LoftNC who have joined us and help make the LoftNC a home to so many, where everyone can find a safe haven for their kinky needs, thank you for being so accepting and joining us in passing out the hugs and warmth to all those who are new that come through our door. The welcome that is shared is what makes us a complete and a happy home to all who venture out to join us. I'm so proud that we have created a place where all are welcome to enjoy their kink and not be frowned upon or made to feel uncomfortable or out of place.

Steve and I find ourselves at a new place this year with an empty nest so we are beginning new traditions as our children also begin theirs in their new homes. Sometimes its hard to let them go but its exciting to watch them grow and make their own lives and homes.

From my family to all of you, I want to wish you a very merry and safe Christmas and holiday season. Cherish your loved ones, remember those we lost this year and know they watch over us. Raise a glass, hug someone close and love those around you. Let's get 2014 off to a wonderful start and make it an awesome year!

All my love and hugs