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To The Masters

by DerrickDude (follow original post @ https://fetlife.com/users/1811880/posts/1676620

So you think you are a Master? I have pondered this question and have come to the conclusion that some guys are more retarded than they are a Master. I'm talking about all the self proclaimed Masters.

So you read 50 Shades of Gray. I don’t give a flying fuck. You are not a Master just because you read a damned book or researched something on fetlife or elsewhere on the internet. Here it is plain and simple:

1. If you can't fill out your profile with something believable, you are not a Master!

2. If you have “Master” in your user name, you are probably not a Master!

3. If you list in your profile a Master status and show no relationship status with a real person, you are not a Master!

4. If you claim to be a Master of someone you have had no physical contact with, you are not a Master!

5. If you use photos to get yourself off, you are not a Master!

6. If you make comments like “I would fuck you like a little slut all night long” to some gal's photo that she posted in her profile, you are not a Master!

7. If you have no respect to the relationships of others, you are not a Master!

8. If you think all these women on fetlife or any other site are here looking for cock only, you are not a Master!

9. If you command, and expect a submissive that you have just met (either online through messaging or in person) to kneel before you and call you “Sir” or “Master”, you are not a Master!

10. If you can't exercise respect, self control and engage your brain before you engage your mouth, or exercise humility, you are definitely NOT A MASTER!!!

Take that book and beat yourself about the head and shoulders with it a thousand times. You still won't be a Master until you can control yourself. Think before you speak. Think before you demand. If you demanded something from my slave or any other person that is submissive and you don't know them, I would fully expect them to tell you to go fuck yourself (and the good ones will).

Guys, you are not Master unless you have a real physical relationship and she gives you that honor. If that isn't the case, the only thing you have mastered is your own self gratification.

One last thing, if you took offense to this writing and proclaim yourself to be a Master...... I need not say it!

I am stepping off the podium for now.