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Our Growth & Need for Community Support

The LoftNC is always growing to better provide for the needs of the Charlotte community and surrounding areas.  The Social Club is for the community and is not a source of income for the owner.  All funds received go toward paying bills to keep the doors open and provide a welcoming atmosphere for our members to enjoy.

How can you help? Come out and support the events that we have for you. We try to have great demos for you and provide quality time for you to play, socialize and get your hugs and energy boost.

The LoftNC, like many dungeons around the country, depends on membership dues and door fees to pay its bills such as internet, telephone, garbage, electric and property taxes. There are several ways you can help:

- Purchase or renew your membership for $20.00 (all memberships, current or new, will be extended automatically for as many months as we are closed so you don't lose any benefit) - Square Marketplace - Membership

- Purchase a Membership Door Package $80 (includes membership for 1 year and entry for 3 events) value for $60.00 - Square Marketplace - Door Package

- Purchase a VIP membership for $800 to include unlimited door fees for 1 year (our calendar for 2020 had over 60 events planned so this offers a substantial discount off of our regular $20 member door fee) - Square Marketplace - VIP Membership.

- Reserve a private rental for the future and receive a 20% discount of our regular $50 hourly rate - Square Marketplace - Discounted Hourly Rental.

- Reserve an overnight rental and receive a 10% discount on our regular $200 overnight rental rate - Square Marketplace - Discounted Overnight Rental.

- Make a donation in any amount you choose - Square Marketplace Donations

The Loft NC is a dungeon play space for the Community! Please come out and support us so that we can keep this alive for everyone to enjoy. We hope all of our members, friends, family, and chosen family, are all being safe and staying sane during the pandemic.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me.

Lady Leigh

PS As for future plans, yes the location that we are renting in Charlotte will become available as a full time location for us sometime in the next year or so and we may decide to take over the lease at that time and remodel the bar/club to better suit our needs. At this time we share the former bar location with another club (the former "Estate") who has use on Friday and Saturday nights. As they build their new permanent location and work on moving we will consider our long term options at that time.

Penelope7: And the bar and pole are so much fun!! I even got a couple new outfits for Sundays so I can dance and have even more fun! Even though its most fun getting Tiberius to suspend me all naked. giggles
BullmoosePaddles:I have look forward to visiting soon. I have to work this weekend but I can't wait to see the new space.

CobaltBlueSpark: MetalWoRx and I are supportive of working with The LoftNC to continue its past mission to educate and serve a real need in this region. We will continue to make it to events as often as possible, knowing that the events will be well organized, the food delicious and plentiful and the venue safe and adaptable to needs.
AlwaysAngelNoir: Looking forward to coming to the new location! The Loft is an awesome group of folks and I'm excited to watch ya'll grow!
PhoenixEddy: Crumbs. The Loft are a great group of people and I urge everyone to check them out... you'll have fun, I promise!
CobaltBlueSpark: running back to The LoftNC Calendar of Events to see when PhoenixEddy is going to be demo-ing again
blushingscarlett: My sweet Lady Leigh, If I get enough rum in me I'll dance on the bar!
Cat_5: Looking forward to seeing your new space the next time I come to visit