Advice for Footmen

If some of you read, comprehend, and follow this, then regardless if your a footman or want to fulfill your sexual conquest this may help increase your success with women.


1. Most women that post pics of their feet aren’t interested in meeting you or fulfilling your fantasies On Fetlife if your not able to see a woman above her ankles.

2. Most women that contribute are everyday women not models, so because she participates in the community doesn’t mean she wants to do a photo shoot.

3. Because you own a camera regardless of its a smartphone, point and shoot or DSLR camera does NOT mean she will want to do a photo shoot.

4. Men Stop using your cameras or spending a fortune on a camera as a smoke screen to get women or feet.

5. Most women don’t want to feel like another notch under your belt of your foot conquest to share with the world. Because she post her feet up doesn’t give you the right to talk to her as if she’s just a foot waiting to jack off your dick.

6.Because a woman post a pic of her feet and she’s near your location doesn’t mean that she will be willing to meet you or do a photo shoot. Some women DO NOT like to take pictures regardless if its just her feet only being taken.

7.Footmen if its about YOU ONLY YOUR WANTS AND NEEDS FOR FOOT PLAY OR FOOTJOBS, then what makes you think that women are going to give you the time of the day if your going to bombarded her with what you want and forget about her much less who is she as a person? We Call this Selfish behavior. You have to give/invest to receive and because you do that doesn’t mean you will always get a return on your invest or at least right away.

8. Fetlife is a good tool for networking and meeting people with like minded lifestyles however some people that are involved in the alternative lifestyles aren’t using fetlife to meet or find people that indulge in the lifestyle especially if they have a website for their work. In other words, if your not a professional operation or its appealing to women Stop recruiting and meet women into doing whatever fetish you have. 50-95% are not interested. Some have a excellent social reputation and/or are very active in their communities for them to have their private affairs exposed on the internet. Some are conscious to what their family and friends will think if they find her posting on a website regardless if its just a harmless foot website. Remember still in today’s society the word fetish or the thought of a person liking feet still has a negative tone or vibration to a lot of people.

9. If your sending random friend request to women that post pics of her feet and she rejects you without READING HER PROFILE FIRST, then that’s your fault because of your thirstiness. Think about this, before the days of internet and today your not going out in public asking random women to be your friend? Approach her first like a gentleman, message her first and see if you all have a connection.

10. SPAMMERS are everywhere. Men Think rational, stop drooling all over these fake profiles or pics. Some of them are stealing pics from IG and are posting stolen up as their pics. Also stop falling for these fake foot profiles of women you’ve seen active in the foot community that have made a name for themselves from websites like Feetishes, ECfeetkingdom, FeetFair, Solefoodcafe, Norcalfootstudios, Soles of Silk, Coed Feet etc. Some of them are not about to put themselves out on jumpstreet like that much like under their like sections, have like pages like feet fetish, lesbian foot worship, just to name a few. Its sadly obvious that its a man or a foreigner running those fake profiles.

11. A lot of adult and professional models don’t waste their days fulfilling empty request meaning if your about dollars then shes not about to waste her time with you remember this is a business for most of them.

12. This one is a toss up and re-illiterates number 11 pending on the woman, yet the a lot NOT ALL of women posting foot pictures(especially on IG) have a goal of attention and/or gifts, be it money or items from their wish list, so if your cheap then keep it moving. Also Stop getting mad because she doesn’t respond to you 2 seconds later, your not the only fan in the world she has. Dominatrix and professional models have other fetishes/lifestyles to explore. Foot Fetish isn’t the only thing they do.

13. Most everyday women aren’t spending all their days on these networking sites fulfilling fantasies too you men. They have busy lives themselves. Stop acting like a bitch because she doesn’t respond to your message right off the bat.

14. Your a footman and your cheap, then don’t expect no foot action because if your not willing to invest into her whether its her time or money for gifts or foot sessions then you will remain on the internet jacking off to foot pics.

15. Footmen stop thinking that every women or even professional models or dominatrix are going to spending their own money and time outta their lives to come see you. Its on the man to visit a woman if he’s genuinely interested in her.

16. Footmen STOP cursing and going off on women if they reject you or your advances. Cut your lost, charge it to the game and gracefully bow out. Everyone is wired differently and will not be attracted to you or your fetish.

17. Stop complaining about why some women find foot fetish weird again we’re all different and we don’t think the same.

18. A lot of women aren’t into footjobs because it really doesn’t do anything for her so if that’s all your after then your going to be in a world of hurt.

19. Also because women let you indulge in her feet doesn’t mean that she wants to screw you unless you two have discuss it and your both sexually attracted to one another.

20. If all you have plastered up are RANDOM foot pics especially random professional pics from the net without giving a woman some indication of what you look like, then don’t expect women to talk to your ghost profile. Its the same analogy if you have just a dick pic up, don’t expect women to fall head over heels for talking to a Dick. WOMEN are not visual creatures so dick pics does nothing for her whatsoever. Remember NO PIC NO ADD still applies today from most women.

21. Because she post pics doesn’t mean she wants to indulge in the lifestyle. Some women are not turned on by a man playing with her feet or they have significant others/husbands that get off to feet much less find feet as gross. A lot of women can live without the foot play.

22. Again because she has a significant other/husband doesn’t make him lucky especially if he’s not into feet. He’s more so blessed that they have a special connection and she’s his other half.

23. STOP Trying to convert or change womens’ minds that are NOT Into feet especially if its made up in her mind that feet are gross or don’t want anyone touching her feet. Your wasting your time ultimately.

24. STOP being an asshole or insulting women whose feet may not be up to your standards. You make yourself look bad to some women in the crowd that may have gave you the time of the day.

25. STOP bashing women whose feet may not be pretty too you. Some men may like them and as long as those men encourage her with compliments she will continue to contribute to the community. This Matter is Beyond your Control and dissing her in some cases doesn’t stop her from posting either block or ignore her post simple as that.

26. If Nothing else don’t portray yourself to be a gentlemen but throw a immature temper tantrum fit revealing THE REAL YOU when she turns you down. Your a wolf in sheep’s clothing and Nothing irritates some women more than a fake gentleman carrying on like a 5 yr old. Grown ASS MATURE GENTLEMAN gracefully bow out at rejection.

27. NO Mean NO. You have hear it all throughout your life so why waste your energy going off on a woman if she turns you down.

28. Thinking with your fetish and penis leads to irrational decisions you wouldn’t have otherwise made if you were thinking with your brains. If you need to release tension then go exercise or jack off.

29. Some of you never had a footjob or foot play before so yes you will have that steak given to lions that never had steak before mentality. Stay Patient go out in public and meet women the old fashion way. The internet has made it faster and easier to talk to women but most women have to get a feel for you in person because a lot of people can put together the perfect profile on the internet and you meet them in person and that person is the total opposite of their made up profile.

30. Keep your fetish to yourself until she gets to know you and begin to like her then slowly SUBTLY introduce her too it, if she enjoys a footrub go further but dont go for the kill(IE footjobs if that’s what you like) too soon.

31. MEN KEEP THE DRAMA ELSE WHERE. Nobody gives a damn about what you got, your bruised massive ego, your uncontrollable jealous mind, if your girl is the baddest chick or have the baddest feet. If your jealous then find a woman for yourself and don’t share her or her feet to the community. Its a community to contribute not a competition on whose the finest or the best. Some of you MEN are no better than some women that’s about drama. You all should go chase after those types of chicks that loves drama or attention you all deserve one another if you adore drama and being in the limelight for all the wrong reasons to entertain your life.

32. If you come off as obsessed with feet, thats all you think, sleep or breathe then yes most women let alone society will not be willing to accept it and will continue to view you as a foot freak because society still is not able to grasp it yet and your thirsty irrational infuriated love will only continue to creep people out.

33. STOP TALKING OUT THE FOOT FETISH to random women. WOMEN Don’t want to feel like a playbook or some lil game too you. Not only it turns women off but it makes you look creepy. Remember subtle approach don’t rapid fire a random women or a woman you barely know with smelling, kissing her feet “performing” a footjob OR ELSE she will have a weird look on her face and walk away thus ending the convo and your picking your jaw up asking what happen. Same reaction will happen for women that are very active in the foot community. ALSO women you meet at the club even if your not a footman, your just a normal man how many times does baby i wanna rub your coochie or i bet your coochie taste good works out for you?

34. Sometimes real world legitimate issues come up so if she can’t make it then keep your cool and patience don’t snap on her. Now if she comes up with excuses at the last minute and its becoming the normal then maybe shes not all that interested much so she’s blowing you off. Time is valuable to everyone but at least have the decency to rearrange your priorities before you give someone your word that you will say what you will do. Don’t have someone go out their way to see you or have some kinky fun and you cancel on them regardless if they’re 10 mins or hours away from you. I PROMISED YOU THAT’S A LOT OF PEOPLE’S PET PEEVE.

35. HONESTY HONESTY BRUTAL HONESTY. BE HONEST FROM THE START. This Is For The women and men, IF YOUR UNSURE OR BARELY KNOW A FOOTMAN or JUST AN AVG JOE, Then DON’T tell him or her yes to something then you cancel and back out. This makes you appear flaky and not serious about the person. BE HONEST With what your looking for in the beginning and MAKE THAT CLEAR So the person can make up in their minds if they want to pursue it or NOT. If your pursuing if they tell you and made it in their minds of what they want DO NOT TRY to push anything else on them if they already clear about their motives and what they’re looking for.

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