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2020 Event Calendar on FetLife

Due to the CDC new recommendations on gatherings of more than 10 people, and the concern for the health of our members and guests, all events have been canceled on a month by month basis. As we draw closer to the next month we will re-evaluate the situation and post events if it's appropriate to do so.

Virtual meetings are being held in lieu of physicall meetings/demos until it is safe to resume meetings.

As each month draws closer we will re-evaluate the possibility and safety of resuming events. Until then we wish everyone to stay safe and healthy.

If you are going stir crazy and need to get out to play, we will offer limited availability for private rentals, however no aftercare blankets or house implements will be provided. Please bring your own during this time.

Our calendar of events links below provide you the most updated information on all events happening at the LoftNC.  Dates in Green are links to the event pages.  Please RSVP on event page or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NOTE: If you are not a member of FetLife, please email your RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You can now pay your membership dues online Square Marketplace - LoftNC Dues.

Our events are $20 door fee for members, $30 for non-members/guests.  Dress code is vanilla to the door.  Open Play always follows demos/discussions.


As usual, this is a work in progress and new demos and events will be added as they are booked.  Once events are actually posted, they will be underlined as active links. Our goal this year will be to have demos/discussions & open play on Sunday afternoons and themed or open play parties, Kinky Trivia, CFS, PetPlay, Littles Parties & Sleepovers, Foot Parties, Sweet Carolina Gurls & Friends Events, CFNM parties and more on Friday or Saturday evenings.  As always we are not open every day so please always check the calendar for events current or possibly being added.

If you don't see something you are interested in, drop us a note and we will see what we can do.

01/04/20 Annual After New Year's Bash
01/10/20 Join Leigh @ T3WD DM Training
01/11/20 Join Leigh @ TheSocietyBDSM
01/12/20 Open Play
01/19/20 Negotiations from the Top and bottom side
01/25/20 Sweet Carolina Gurls Party - Ring in the New Year
01/26/20 Mummification & Strict Bondage

02/01/20 Join Leigh @ Fetish Fest PALS
02/02/20 Open Play
02/09/20 Sensation to Subspace without Impact by Lady_Leigh & MSquared-
02/15/20 It's a Foot Party!
02/16/20 Impact to Orgasm by _D_
02/23/20 Creating Intimacy and a Spiritual connection in a scene by Baron_N_EdD_PhD

03/01/20 Co-Topping - When One Just Isn't Enough by Lady_Leigh
03/07/20 Rope for Tops Only - Riggers Master_Varii, Kolker & Myxolydian
03/08/20 Erotic Leather Care by _D_
03/14/20 CLOSED SASS NC TAKEOVER "Switches & Supporters
03/15/20 CLOSED Violet Wand by MetalWoRx & CobaltBlueSpark to be rescheduled
03/22/20 CLOSED
03/29/20 CLOSED

Due to the NC Mandated Stay at Home Order effective March 30th, we are closed until further notice.  As things improve or mandates are lifted, we will re-evaluate the situation and communicate to you all on how we will proceed.

04/05/20 CLOSED
04/11/20 CLOSED Spring Littles Party/Sleepover (to be rescheduled)
04/12/20 CLOSED Using Music in Your Scenes by Myxolydian (to be rescheduled)
04/14/20 CLOSED Rope Bite Tie Me Up Tuesdays Kickoff! (to be rescheduled)
04/19/20 CLOSED Sensual Fire Play by Darth_Table (rescheduled 7/12/20)
04/26/20 CLOSED Clips, clamps and pinchy things by Twisted-Desire (to be rescheduled)
04/28/20 CLOSED Rope Bite Tie Me Up Tuesdays (to be rescheduled)

05/03/20 CLOSED Rope / Bedroom Bondage by Master_Varii (to be rescheduled)
05/10/20 CLOSED Suffering by LadyAngel76 (to be rescheduled via Zoom)
05/12/20 CLOSED Rope Bite Tie Me Up Tuesdays (to be rescheduled)
05/17/20 CLOSED Knife play by Savage-_- (moved to 8/30/2020 via Zoom)
05/26/20 CLOSED Rope Bite Tie Me Up Tuesdays (to be rescheduled)
05/31/20 Failure Isn't An Option, It's a Requirement by JustRob

06/07/20 Whips 101 by _D_
06/14/20 How to Be The Besestest Daddy by Professor_Plum
06/21/20 Incorporating Sensations into a Wax Scene
06/28/20 Protecting Yourself Digitally by Master IceDog

07/12/20 Sensual Fire Play” with Darth Table
07/19/20 Body Worship by Savage-_-
07/26/20 Negotiation, Consent and BDSM relationship types by ChristianV

08/02/20 Striptease & Lap Dance 101 by kitfoxflave - via Zoom
08/09/20 BDSM & the Law by AttorneyLadySteele
08/16/20 Balancing on the teeter totter - how to keep the authority balance by Master Aaron & NCTygersgrl
08/23/20 Carolina On Our Minds - a Conversation about Inclusion and Community
08/30/20 CANCELED DUE TO HURRICANE LAURA Knives Sweet or Sharp by Savage-_- via Zoom

09/06/20 BDSM Communication 101 - Terms and Definitions with ChristianV (virtual via Livewebinar)
09/20/20 Failure Isn't An Option, It's a Requirement by JustRob (virtual via LiveWebinar)
09/27/20 Respectful Bratting, a fun way to play! by Lady_Leigh (virtual via LiveWebinar)

10/11/20 Dungeon Essentials & Negotiations, Scene Building & How to Questions & Answers by Lady_Leigh (virtual via LiveWebinar)

We have very much enjoyed having virtual presentations and meeting others from near and far.  However, Lady Leigh is having shoulder surgery and will be unable to host for a bit so we are going to take a hiatus and will be back with a new calendar soon.

Plans for 2021 will be for both in-person and virtual presentations whenever possible.  If there are any topics you would like to see or discuss, please let us know and we will reach out to presenters.

We thank everyone for your participation in our virtual discussions and look forward to being back soon.

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