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BDSM 101 & Skit

Dannase and I would like to thank Lady Leigh and the fabulous people of The Loft for having us out yesterday. We truly enjoyed meeting everyone who braved the rainy day for our BDSM 101 discussion. We are very glad that we got you all laughing with our "Super Dan and Louann" skit...LOL. We had a lot of fun doing it for you!!

This was our first time visiting and presenting at The Loft and we are sure that it will not be our last! You all are an awesome set of folks and it was truly OUR pleasure to meet you all!!

Have a great week and hope to see you all again soon!

Dannase & EroticDs

The Loft NC by Sage

By Sage

Hello everyone,

Many of you have heard of the Loft and have been wanting someone in our group to go check it out. Well Impressa and I did just that. We went to their After New Years Bash and had a magnificent time.

We showed up about 45 minutes after the doors opened and could not hardly find a parking place. There were many cars with North Carolina license plates but there were a few cars with license plates as far away as Connecticut and Indiana. I thought that may have been due to people visiting for the holidays who had not gone home yet. The house where the event was held is a two story house in Gastonia. You go in through a downstairs door and there was a girl there to take a modest fee of $20 per person. I say modest because I have been to a few play parties where the fee was much more than that. There were approximately 30 people already there which was impressive considering it was so early in the evening.

The admission desk was adjacent to the food that was provided as part of the admission price. There were plenty of snacks from cookies and chocolates to more healthy hors dourves such as spinach wraps. The highlight of the snack table for me was the tacos with your choice of chicken or beef. We could have had dinner there the food was so plentiful. There were also soft drinks available and since this was a private event, you could bring your own alcoholic beverages.

I met the hostess of the party, Lady Leigh, in this social area. She was absolutely charming and as friendly as could be. She runs the Loft along with her partner, a former owner of a dungeon in New York City. Both of these women are beautiful and were great hostesses. We then took the nickel tour of the facilities.

Next to the social area there was a St Andrews cross set up and a device that could be used for suspension play. We then went upstairs and into the kitchen. The kitchen was fully stocked with a refrigerator and a dishwasher. The cabinets were full of glasses and dishes so if someone needed something...it was available. This set up would also work well if someone wanted to rent the entire house for a weekend, they would not want for any of the items they would find at home in their own kitchen. There was also a massage table in the kitchen area.

Off the kitchen was a deck overlooking the back yard. This was the smoking area but since I don't smoke and it was cold and drizzling, I did not go out there.

As you rounded the corner you came to a dining room which was set up more as a lounge with numerous chairs. Many people were sitting here chatting.

Adjacent to the dining room was the living room so it was more of a great room concept. In this room a St Andrews cross was set up and a kneeling bench was next to it. Along the walls were an assortment of whips and other restraining devices that could be used by the novice who did not come with their own equipment.

On the other side of the room was a bed made up with tasteful bed coverings. It was open to the public and our guide explained that since this was a private establishment, you could use the bed for whatever you wanted including sex. She stated to just remember if you had sex, people would be watching. I am not sure if we have any exhibishionists in this group but if we do, I am sure that would delight you to be able to come off a cross and to have that option available to you.

Next to the living room was the only bathroom that I saw. It was the only private area I saw that would allow someone to change out of street clothes into fetish wear so if a wardrobe change was in order when you arrived, you may have to do it with a lot of people watching. However, there was a private office downstairs that I am sure you could use for this purpose with the permission of the wonderful owners.

All in all, I would say the ONLY drawback to the Loft was the square footage of the place. It is a house with approximately 1500 square feet and the owners of the Loft have done a magnificent job of turning it into a very good play space. It is a little cramped with a lot of people in attendance but with a smaller group, it is a wonderful play space. Lady Leigh told me that she is planning on building another play space on the property. In addition to this, work continues on the lower floor to provide more space for play.

In all, given the very positive attitude of the ladies that own the Loft and given the size of our group, I think it would be a wonderful space to have a CFS play party in.

It is also wonderful to finally have a permanent venue in the Charlotte area. My thanks to Lady Leigh and the rest of the staff at the Loft for providing Impressa and myself a wonderful evening that was definitely worth a lot more than the price of admission.