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Inspired Rope Bite - Jan '13

PhoenixEddy I visited The Loft this weekend and left inspired; I assure you, that's no mean feat.

I'm truly impressed by what you guys are building there and the pure intent with which you are doing it.
I wish you great success, and am proud to call you my friends

SalaciousSteve This event was over the top for me. Lady Leigh and I are reveling in all of these events seeing new friends learn more about what we all love is always fun. But for me it was even better re connecting with some old friends that I haven't seen in awhile, catching up and introducing them to my new friends was what I enjoyed the most. The Loft seems to have some special energy.

DerrickDude I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday and had a great time. I mean who doesn't like seeing their sub wife tied up by a Rope Master with the talents of PheonixEddy??? Loved meeting your old friends Steve. Can't wait to see them again and get to know them more. I also enjoyed being a part of a first at The Loft, having two lovely submissives tied to a cross while their two Masters played tag team flogging and paddling. That was alot of fun.

Winters_Raine  @Derricksude Sir i can not agree more! This was an awesome class! Thank You so much for helping my Master and i. As well as allowing Jobaby and myself grow together!

Sweet_Adina I enjoyed my first trip to the Loft very much. Great place and great people, and I was so excited to be suspended for the first time! Thank you to Omegaman for supervising. I will most definitely be back!

Masterknottyone Want to reflect on DerrickDude's comments: he is dead on that this is a great bunch of folks and we are enjoying making new friends here and look forward to seeing those friendships grow. We both look forward to many more adventures at the Loft!


Thank you from Evil Geoff

Tori and I are home safe and sound, and I wanted to say "thank you" to the members of The Loft who braved the cold and rain to attend the demo that Tori and I gave. The warm welcome, and relaxed atmosphere, made this a very fun day for us. I hope that everyone took in something positive from the afternoon's activities.
And a very appreciative "thank you" to our volunteer demo bottom during the second half of the proceedings! Your joie de vivre (and gigglesnorts) really made our day. :-)
Safe journeys until we meet again,

- Geoff

Rope Bite

We had a great time at class today. It was wonderful to see everyone and LeeDavid was great. We learned a lot and can't wait to start practicing

I'd like to thank the staff at the LoftNC for the fabulous hosting job and all the folks that came out to class to share in our passion for rope bondage; it was most rewarding to see how engaged you were in the material and the way we presented it.

I just wanted to say thank you on mine and my pets behalf for a wonderful class tonight and meeting new people. It looks like a wonderful place and I hope we are welcomed to come out and make another event.

I just want to say "Thank you" to Lady Leigh and The Loft for encouraging me to come to today's Rope Bite session. The hospitality was heart warming and everyone there was very welcoming and helpful.

I didn't go to the rope class but I have been to The Loft NC once and I agree, everyone there is absolutely awesome!! Very welcoming, fun and a great experience! I would definitely recommend The Loft to anyone!


Wax as Art

The class last night for wax as an art form was wonderful and I enjoyed being able to try my hand at. Everyone at the loft has been so nice and welcoming, I wanted to say thank you.