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Thank you!

Thanks again for opening your doors to me. I learned more than I can describe in this email. Now I understand what a "brat" is...
The couple with the woman on the cross was amazing!  I always felt there was something more to that lifestyle than beating the hell out of each other (although that can be on the list). The guy was dominate, creative, caring and forceful, while the woman submissive and trusted him and had amazing orgasms -- it was beautiful! I could feel she had reservations regarding being totally naked in front of "strangers"..but if you can let her and him know I saw the beauty of the experience and thank them for sharing!!!
Special thanks to Larraq for showing me toys are all around me....in my kitchen and garage - lol!!!

Thank you to Lady Tyger

I just wanted to say what a great time we had at The Loft today for the singletail whip demo / class. It was a great event and Lady Tyger was an awesome teacher.
Thanks so much for the wonderful event and opportunity to meet with friends and make new ones!
Mistress Manteo

I second that thought! I love learning something new and to get energized and the best is to get together with friends old and new!
Mistress Asia

I had a wonderful time!!! You guys were a very fun crowd to teach and thank you to The Loft for inviting me!! I enjoyed ya'll as much as you enjoyed me I think! GRINS

Lady Tyger

I think it's safe to say a good time was had by all. Tyger you were wonderful and helped open so many avenues of learning for whip play. And of course our crowd was their usual boisterous selves that we love so much. Sundays are great days with awesome friends and lots of hugs.

St Patrick's Day Social

Oh no you didn't!!! Another fantastic social. Several new first: Irish green rope bracelets and collars, red rum, stopping her from crawling up the cross, teaming up until she coo'ed herself into erotic subspace, glow-stick florentine, and spanking the Masochist Rosie Red derrière for one last coo. I love this group, Lot's of love and hugs.
And of course, flirting with my favorite Domme (love and kisses)


I am a very happy camper this morning, thanks to very special someones at The Loft. You really make people feel at home, and I'm so glad I came out. Leigh, you are awesome -- ummmmm.

I want to second this comment. I really, really appreciate how welcome I was made to feel. It's easy for a new person to feel like an interloper, but instead I felt like I was a long time friend. You guys were all awesome, and I am planning to be back again soon. Thank you to you all.