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Suspension Thank You!

Thank you for building such a wonderful rig. You are the BEST!!! We all missed you and you know there will be more rope bunny's to come. You and Lady Leigh have created a wonderful place for people like me. The Loft has become home for so many people. I can't describe to you in words how HIGH I was.... I am still on a HIGH! Mahalo Nui Loa Sir SalaciousSteve and Lady Leigh. I love you both dearly.

by Jobaby808


I received this email as a thank you for the most recent foot party and I wanted to share it as this message states exactly what the LoftNC is all about.  This is my goal in a nutshell.

"Lady Leigh, thank you for the foot party. The ladies did a great job watching over me. Both are beautiful, fun ladies. Please let them know how comfortable and welcome they made me feel. i hope things are slowing down for you. You looked so tired Friday. And you still found the time to sit,talk, and be concerned about me. You are amazing. i hope the turnout for the next foot party is better and they continue. Meeting some of the other members of your fetish family makes me feel like i'm not quite so alone as i can allow all sides of me to come out. i wish i could do that more often. These few hours each month mean more than i can tell you. Thank you for allowing me into your life. The love and kindness you've given me means the world."

Electric and Energy!

On behalf of the LoftNC and all the members and participants yesterday, I want to extend a huge thank you to CobaltBlueSpark and MetalWoRx for an awesome class and presentation. Everyone had a fabulous day that will be talked about for a while. The energy was fantastic. Can't wait to see you both again.

Hugs Lady Leigh


What a lovely thing to hear!
I know MetalWoRx will be very pleased to see this when He gets in from work tonight!
We enjoyed ourselves so very much, the energy present just fueling a topic about which MetalWoRx and I are quite passionate.
The Loft has been on our To Do List for some time, with circumstances always keeping us away. Yesterday was spectacular! You all did such a lovely job from the yummy food to the welcoming, safe space to present and play. Folks were inquisitive, open minded, exuberant and friendly. Great Energy! What a home run of excellence!
Thank you for inviting us! We shall be returning again and again, I'm sure.


Utilizing the Violet Wand

Barnacle Bill and I loved the education workshop “Utilizing the Violet Wand” the experience was electrifying to watch a skilled craftsman enjoy his trade….. giggles….not to early to add to your Christmas wish list…..we felt at home at The Loft. Thank you to those who made us feel at home and everyone who added to a delightful afternoon. It was appreciated and enjoyed by us both.