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A Special Experience

Paula decided to make her first visit to the Loft this afternoon and her arrival was met with as friendly and warm a reception imaginable. After being put at ease I entered and was visited by just about everyone and received a warm welcome from each. During the day I had many conversations and felt like I had been coming to the Loft for years. You could feel the love everyone had for each other and even for me. It was a special feeling and afternoon. I will be attending as often as I can. An amazing group of people. If anyone reading this is in or around Charlotte I urge you to visit the Loft. You will not be sorry.

Great energy, thank you

Hey, just wanted to say that I had a great evening at the Loft. Although my background and experience has been in very strict protocol meetings this evening was a very cool "breath of fresh air" so to speak. The atmosphere you have going is absolutely wonderful and the energy during the scenes played was nothing less than palpable.

All in all, very glad I finally attended a class. So much so that I became a member. I look forward to many more opportunities to hang out.

Thank you to Lady Leigh

It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and had a great time at The Loft. Thank you so much for your hospitality and was meaningful that you were consistently looking out for everyone and seeing how they were doing.  Cant wait to get out there again and get to know some familiar faces much more.

First baby/littles party a huge success!!!

Thank you to all the babies, littles and brats who came out to play today and to the mommies and daddy's who came out to help with all the little ones.

We had a blast all day. Coloring books, bubbles, sharing, balloons, snacks and juice and nap time and then more games.

Hugs to all


Oh my gosh it was so much FUN!

Thank you so much for having it! And everyone who came!


Thank you Lady Leigh for having the party!
It was awesome and totally fun.


Best play time ever!


Note to self, Pamper's melt in a Maytag Dyrer, Crayons go up one draw higher, rewind Barney for the 15th time, Breakfast 6, naps at 9, There's bubble gum in the babies hair, sweet potatoe's in the lazy chair.....At this point you were singing the song in your head while reading this...lol Now finish the song!


It was a great day. I think everyone is still feeling giddy today.

A great first party and more to come!


"More"....... what a magical word!

Until now, I was convinced I must be the only little in the Charlotte area.

Any time I get to sit in a Mommy's lap for some time like I did yesterday, meet new friends, have someone who cares to take care of me (more than one someone!), be comfortable enough that I don't even care about being changed right out in the open, have someone put makeup on me, and play through naptime ... :: suddenly remembers there are Mommies reading this :: Ummmmm ....... I mean SLEEP through naptime. Yeah. That's it! And I don't know why the balloon balls were all floating in the air when you came in either. We were all OBVIOUSLY asleep. Any time I can do all that is a WONDERFUL day! Actually ... I'm reasonably certain I never have done all that before.


I'm so happy you had a great time with your new friends. The mommy's enjoyed as well. Hmm playing during nap time? Not my babies, they were all angels - well except for the brat here and there


Brat? I don't know of any brats. :: Polishes rusty halo :: :: Giggle! ::