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First time out!

Visited The Loft for the first time today and as a matter of fact, it was my first foray into this lifestyle.

It was a pleasure and Lady Leigh and the others made me feel right at home. Did not participate much or mingle but was taking everything in.

Will be back next Sunday

Touching the face of Heaven...Why "The Loft" is so special

Disclaimer-This is not meant to be against religion...for religion...or sacreligious, don't judge it before you read it!

Also another Disclaimer :) if you have any questions in regards to The Loft, talk to the owner "Lady_Leigh"! She is one of the many people that make such a difference ^_^

A long time ago, one of my friends said that "Having an orgasm is what touching the face of heaven feels like, for one body shattering moment in time, the all over feeling and shuddering of when an orgasm hits is what heaven will feel like for an eternity...pure bliss". I never really understood that concept until much later in my life...about ten years from when she said it.

I understand that concept today and for some reason I cannot shake these thoughts from my mind today. Ever since I got married, I have not returned to church, not even once...as sad as that sounds. Honestly I have never felt at home in any church I have been "a member of". There has been too many judgmental people, too many people that were cruel in other places but acted like perfect Christians on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights. People that alienated you at socials just because you didn't fit into their groups.

I was raised in church because that was how my parents were, raising me in a strict Christian, sexually repressing household. It was one of the reasons I have only been with one man. No church that I have ever been to, have I ever felt truly at home. The church I was raised in was filled with people that were 5 and 6 times my age, and then the church I transitioned to was full of "fake" acting people.

Over the years I have seen two leaders who I greatly respected excommunicated because they got a divorce, or had surgery and were out for an extended period of time. The preacher who officiated my wedding no longer has a job because he was out due to surgery.

These are just a few of the reasons I no longer go to church in a building. Don't get me wrong, I still feel like I am close to God, and I do pray almost daily, I try to watch "Elevation" church on television because I like how Steven Furtick preaches and I don't have to sit in this huge building with people I don't know and listen to something I may or may not be able to apply to my own life.

So...now that I have elaborated on my views of a "church" or my experiences with ones in my past. Well it seems that my Sundays have changed drastically now that I am an adult and living independently of my families. The majority of the Sundays now, my husband and I spend a lot of time at the Loft. A place where I have "touched face of heaven" now for many times that I can't count them anymore due to two very lovely people.

The Loft has become like a church to me, one where I am comfortable and accepted, one where I can touch the face of heaven multiple times. The door fee to me feels like a tithe. The fellowship I have had there has helped me heal more than anything. The friendships I have made have felt deeper than most of the superficial ones I have had in my past. The two people I have scened with have become like family, people who I would feel comfortable being in my most vulnerable state to.

I still have my faith :) I just have a new place to "worship". Just like a church is supposed to be, The Loft is a placed to grow, and learn, and experience. Luckily I have a very trusted mentor in Lady_Penelope7, and the wonderful owner Lady_Leigh of The Loft who have taught me so much. I look forward to my future "fellowships" because I feel like I will always have a home there.

Like the song "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails...is it wrong to feel like "fucking like an animal" has gotten me closer to God?

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I count so many times at The Loft as blessings!

  • a place I can spend time with my family and love on them the way we choose, without condemnation
  • where I can feed & be fed
  • where I can hug. A lot.
  • Bondage bears! (Even if they didn't come home with us. Pout)
  • Scritches
  • Hair pulls
  • Bites
  • meeting new people
  • Beautiful dirty Santa
  • Delicious lap dance
  • Seeing my friends happy

Thank you to all my Lofties. You have made me holidays bright.

Thank you from MetalWoRx & CobaltBlueSpark


Thanks Everyone! You Made Our Demo Special For Us!

by MetalWoRx 3 days ago

I apologize for taking so long to send this, but I was too high on adrenalin last night and it has taken me a while to refocus after work today. Honestly focusing AT work was difficult at times today! lol Yesterday's presentation was one of my favorites to offer you so far. We have talked about presenting this topic from time to time but I hesitated to take it public. I am grateful to Jobaby, Derrick and Lady Leigh for the support and encouragement to "just do it". Once decided we just ran with it and enjoyed ourselves immensely. We hope it was as good for you as for us but I don't know if that is possible. It was great for me. CobaltBlueSpark and I love The Loft and enjoy our time together there always but the energy yesterday was over the top. The support from staff, the attention to detail and the preparation to make everything go smoothly makes presenting here a dream.
First let me publicly thank GreenEyes42 for being so brave to bare herself as a demo bottom. Being physically exposed was a huge step but she stepped up to the plate and exposed her soul. I am so proud of her. I could not have shared what I did with you all without her willingness to be vulnerable. She totally rocks! Thank you to Cobalt and GreenEyes for the playlist, and thank you to Salacious Steve for your musical supervision. Thank you to those who joined into the presentation with questions and especially thanks to WeirdWulf for offering several pertinent points of information. Your shared knowledge was appreciated sir. Thank you to Master Gadget for vending some of the coolest knives available in the state! I know everyone who took one home is going to enjoy using it in play soon.
I really appreciate all the questions, the kind comments and feedback both in person yesterday and those in writing. I am working on responding to each of you personally and accepting the friend requests. Bear with me please. If any further questions come up drop me a line.
Thank you to each person who came out and made this demo possible.
Regards in Kink!

Lady_Leigh: Thank you for sharing with us as always. We love having you and Cobalt join us at the Loft. Meeting Greeneyes yesterday was a lovely bonus. I think everyone had a wonderful time. I'm fortunate to have such awesome staff who work so well together to make sure our presenters and guests are comfortable and able to enjoy themselves. Yesterday was a huge success for the Loft and the Community and I want to thank everyone for all you're welcome support.
PhoenixEddy: I'm truly sad we had to hit the road early and missed the demo; I was quite interested to see your presentation.

I'm glad we at least got to see you guys, and check out the Loft's new, sexy space.
I hope we can get out there again soon and play a little before word gets out about how great it is and we have to fight a crowd for some play space ;)

CajunSpice: Thanks again for the awesome presentation. We truly enjoyed it & can't wait to try what we learned. It was great to see such a great turnout at the new loft location in Charlotte.
Weirdwulf: Thanks for putting up with this butt-in-ski I do have a habit of commenting on stuff.

(it's my curse and claim to fame - Wulfy Grin)
Was great watching and Green Eyes facial expressions told the whole story of how she enjoyed your mastery of the art of knife play. My hats off to you for a great demo.

SalaciousSteve: Thanks to all of you who do presentations for the Loft. We strive to provide a fun place to play that works for everyone. We truly appreciate you taking the time to spread the word and share your skills.

HandlesWithCare: I think the moment of total silence at the end of the demo spoke volumes. That was powerful stuff.

CobaltBlueSpark: if MetalWoRx was tardy in posting, I am severely behind the eightball for being pokey.Please forgive my delayed comments.
I would echo MetalWoRx's words above. We had a lovely time, the accoutrements of the new space worked beautifully to support a demo-focused presentation (it almost feels like theater in the round!) and the event went off without a hitch! We were all so high from the demo that it felt almost impossible to come down and sleep Sunday night.
I would like to add my thanks to each person who participated and who touched this event in ways small and large. He covered pretty much everyone in his Thank You, but I'd like to reiterate how important GreenEyes42 was to the overall impact. MetalWoRx is right, she truly stepped up and gave herself for the cause. Go girl! I am proud of you, too!
I do recall saying I would get a stickie/post to Lady Leigh with helpful info, I shall do so as quickly as possible. It may take me a few days more to get around to nuts and bolts detail stuff, but I will post it as soon as I can. In the meantime if anyone has any specifics needs, just send me a private message and I will answer individually.
Once again, thank you to each and every one who attended. Your kind attentions and positive vibrations moved us to create something of which we are proud.
May Peace be with each of you.