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My Exploratorium Experience with Lady Leigh

For as long as I can remember I have always dreamed about being a part of a BDSM lifestyle. Unfortunately the obstacles in my vanilla world kept my dream out of reach. That all changed when I discovered the Loft NC and contacted the owner Lady Leigh. I shared with Lady Leigh my extremely limited experience as well as my unlimited dreams. She assured me I could pursue my dreams in a clean, safe place, free from pressure and judgment. I was off to North Carolina to experience the Exploratorium Session with Lady Leigh.

The Exploratorium is described as a 90 minute interactive session for beginners to learn about, explore and experience all aspects of impact play and delve into other kinks of particular interest to the submissive. For me it was more like being a kid in a candy store! I was able to try out all of the equipment. I was able to touch, hold and more importantly experience the feel of each and every implement on my appropriate body part.

Lady Leigh is an amazing teacher. I quickly learned between stingy and thuddy impact, differences in leathers, suede, wood, cane, whips, bats and dragon tails. I learned the importance of thickness, and cut. By the time Lady Leigh was finished I could feel the difference between and identify the implements. I was able to discover what implements and activities I enjoyed the most.

Throughout the Exploratorium Session Lady Leigh was the perfect guide. I had many questions and she patiently answered them all. After the Exploratorium session Lady Leigh asked if I was ready to try a scene. The shock and excitement hit me like lightning. My heart was pounding and it was suddenly hard to breathe. My dreams were becoming reality. I finally managed to squeeze out the words “I would love to.”

Next thing I knew I was helplessly suspended on the St. Andrews Cross. The words “be careful what you wish for” raced through my head. At the same time I had complete trust in Lady Leigh.

Lady Leigh skillfully went from cane to whip and everything in between. She never missed her mark. She could hit a freckle with a whip or dragon tail from 5 feet away. From thud to sting Lady Leigh increased the intensity and had me dancing on the cross. Lady Leigh knew exactly when to stop and bring me back down with calming sensation play. Just as I was calm and relaxed the cycle started all over again. With each cycle the intensity increased to a higher level and Lady Leigh skillfully brought me down to an even more relaxed state. The scene ended just as Lady Leigh brought me to a state I never dreamed I could reach. It was a space beyond relaxation. As she took me from the cross Lady Leigh removed the blindfold and placed a warm blanket around me. As I described my feeling to Lady Leigh she responded with a caring smile and welcomed to me to sub space. I can’t wait for my next visit Lady Leigh and The Loft!

by debs29038