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2019 Event Calendar on FetLife

Our calendar of events links below provide you the most updated information on all events happening at the LoftNC.  Dates in Green are links to the event pages.  Please RSVP on event page or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NOTE: If you are not a member of FetLife, please email your RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You can now pay your membership dues online Square Marketplace - LoftNC Dues.


This year we are cutting back a little bit, 7 years of events every weekend has taken its toll. Our goal this year will be to have a Friday/Saturday social and at least two Sunday demo/open play each month as well as still have special events for CFS, PetPlay, Littles Parties, Foot Parties, Sweet Carolina Gurls & Friends Events, CFNM parties and more.

If you don't see something you are interested in, drop us a note and we will see what we can do.

This is a work in progress. Events that are posted will be underlined as active links. All of your suggestions for demos are noted and we will work to have as many of them this year as possible.

01/05/2019 Annual After New Years Bash
01/13/2019 How to give a Massage that doesn't suck! presented by Captain'sTempest
01/27/2019 Mindfucks

02/02/2019 Dress Up Party for Sweet Carolina Gurls & Friends
02/10/2019 My Bloody Vampire Valentine's Day Party
02/17/2019 Dungeon Essentials & Negotiations
02/24/2019 Versatile Hip Harness

03/03/2019 Co-Topping - when one just isn't enough!
03/10/2019 Protocols in D/s Relationships by Savage-_-
03/17/2019 Liquid N2 demo w/branding & frozen flower flogging by OztheThird
03/23/2019 Join us at 1763 for Spring Fling
03/30/2019 Singles Trivia Night
03/31/2019 Closed so we may attend Charlotte Peer Group

04/06/2019 Playtime for Littles & the Bigs who love them! “Sleepover time again!”
04/07/2019 Playtime - Open Social!
04/14/2019 Chastity: From playtime to permanent by Lady Penelope
04/28/2019 Cell popping & Micro-branding presented by WishCraft

05/05/2019 Rope 101
05/11/2019 Spanks-a-lot Social
05/19/2019 Closed (Leigh @ Baltimore Playhouse)
05/25/2019 WORK DAY
05/26/2019 Work Day Double Header

06/02/2019 Safety in Navigating Relationships
06/09/2019 Killer Heels to Barefoot! The nuances of foot fetish
06/16/2019 Rope 102 Ties: sommerville bowline, tie downs, double column & futomomo
06/23/2019 Erotic Electrical Play presented by Master_Varii
06/30/2019 Needles by LadyAngel76

07/07/2019 BDSM 101 Toy, Tools, Answers + Sensation Demo - Lady Leigh
07/14/2019 Fun with rope presented by Kolker
07/20/2019 FemDom Spanking Social
07/21/2019 CPR training - limited class hosted by TNG
07/28/2019 Sex Toys: What to Choose, How to Use? presented by MisterBBWolf & _victor

08/04/2019 Poly Dynamics with Kinky Chief
08/09-10/2019 Join Leigh at Vendor Fair @ Impact Memphis
08/11/2019 Taboos & Fetishes
08/18/2019 Fire Play with MrLuis & DreamButterfly
08/25/2019 Rope Bite 102 - Futos & Box Ties
08/31/2019 Join Leigh @ 1763

09/01/2019 Art of Hishi "Diamond Shaped Ties & Bottoming Skills by Susuwatari & Lady Lyonene
09/08/2019 BDSM & the Law presented by Attorney Lady Steele
09/15/2019 Pervertables - Help my toy bag is lost! by WishCraft
09/21/2019 Sweet Carolina Gurls Social
09/22/2019 Rope Bite 103: Need to tame your brat? presented by SomeToolonHere
09/28/2019 Join Leigh @ Wingnut Stables Fall Hunt
09/29/2019 Closed so we may attend Charlotte Peer Group

10/05/2019 Join Leigh @ Living on the Edge 2019 @ Wingnut Stables
10/12/2019 Feet @ FemDom Social
10/13/2019 Submissive Discussion (open to all)
10/19/2019 Calling all Furries - party time just for you
10/20/2019 Rope Bite

11/09/2019 Join us at Wicked Wonderland @1763
11/14-17/2019 Join us at Coastal Carolina Fetish Fair/CCFF
11/23/2019 Littles Sleepover & pajama party
11/24/2019 Closed so we may attend Charlotte Peer Group

12/01/2019 Sounds, not the musical kind
12/14/2019 Holiday Extravaganza & Kinky Trivia Party

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