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March 3, 2019: 1-8 pm

Co-Topping - when one just isn't enough!

“presented by Lady_Leigh & MSquared-”


Co-Topping! Multiply your fun!

Tops, have you ever had a scene that was harder than you thought it would be? or wished you could have help with a particularly heavy bottom?

Bottoms, have you ever wanting to feel more hands, more floggers, whips, or hands?

If the answer to any of these questions is Yes - then co-topping is for you!

So let's explore the dynamics of co-topping - how to negotiate, plan and execute a successful scene with multiple tops or completely bizarre scenes with multiple tops & bottoms.

Co-topping can be a fantastic scene for all involved.

Lady_Leigh has been a lifestyle dominant for more than a minute and enjoys many types of play including impact, sensation, mindfucks, brat and little play, foot fetish and much more. Leigh started the LoftNC in Gastonia in 2010 as a safe dungeon space for the Charlotte community. Leigh along with her dedicated staff and husband, Steve, work hard to keep the LoftNC a safe place for all to come learn and play.

Mark (MSquared-) started co-topping with Leigh over four years ago and has embraced his top side and has truly learned the joy of putting a smile on a bottom's face.

Doors open at 1 pm, demo begins at 2 pm.

Cost: $20 for members, $30 for non-members/guests

Dress Code - Vanilla to the door

Donations of snacks/sodas/coffee to share, supplies, paper products, cleaning supplies and such for the house are greatly appreciated.

Membership: Paying your membership is a requirement as we are a private club with membership rules that allow us to have the type of activities we allow. Membership for the year is $20 and renews on your anniversary of joining. Yes you can pay your membership dues at the door.

Note for city location: we are still in Gastonia, however due tot he search parameters of FetLife, we don't show on searches for events. Therefore, we are listed as "Charlotte" so that our friends can more easily find us and come get their kink on.

If you have any questions or to RSVP, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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