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Real Dominants don't...

"Real dominants don't ask the opinions of others."
"Real dominants don't allow questions from their submissive."
"Real dominants don't accept limits or requirements from anyone."
"Real dominants don't have sex with their submissives, or other dominants, or love anyone, ever."
"Real dominants don't do anything but what they want to do."
"Real dominants just KNOW."
"Once a submissive can place requirements on a dominant, can ask questions, or change their mind, the submissive is in charge, and the dominant is not a real dominant."

I checked the profile again. Yup, submissive.

Irony, meet submissive. Submissive, meet irony. I think you two have a lot to talk about.

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Commentary by Lady Leigh - We teach the submissive is always in charge of the scene and the dominant is always responsible.  So now, are you a real dominant? 

The Power of Touch

When I first started scening I was focused on what I was doing... What implements I used, the bottom, where my strikes were landing.

Those things are still very important but over time, I've learned how important touch is. I have become freer with using my hands and body for touch. I've learned the power of touch. Because the connection is so important to me I scene with people whom I've built that connection with. Can I top? Of course... But the connection... There is no replacing that. Without connection I leave the scene feeling empty. There is nothing worst than an unhappy unfulfilled sadist. See I don't just get off on inflicting pain... The connection makes it fulfilling.

Touch creates connection. Without connection the scene is technical. You can do everything right but there is no connection.

Touch builds trust. It says I am here. I've got you.

Touch soothes. It calms the mind and cools the skin.

Touch is the reward for a cycle of pain.

Touch is healing. It says I care. I hurt you but I will help make it better.

Touch says you are not alone. I think one of the greatest tragedies in life is feeling you are alone. It is an emptiness at the end of a hard day, week or month. It is learning how to self soothe. It is what so many call being strong,it is darkness in your soul.

I'm not a clingy type. I've never been big on public displays of affection. But touch... Oh touch... Skin on skin. That's where the power is.

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Breath play - Edge Play

Breath play is Edge play always.  If you enjoy this type of edge play, always check with the DM's to let them know that you plan to play in this manner.  It will save them possibly interrupting your scene to check on your bottom.  In addition, some venues may not permit this type of play and its always better to check before you start a scene.

Breath play is always dangerous no matter how safe you think you are being.  Precautions can and should be taken such as NEVER EVER play alone.

I found the following article and wanted to share it here in its entirety: Take Your Breath Away - Basics of Breath Play

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