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April 29, 2018: 1-8 pm

Sensation Play - liven up your scene!

For some its the smell of roses. other, the touch of a lover. Still others the sound of a orgasm. Our senses are, in a way, what drives the kinkster in all of us. We are constantly seeking stimulation in one, or many things. It is this belief that i believe drives such a thing as sensation play. The stimulation of as many if not all senses. Those that seek the exploration of BDSM/kink, but don't have the taste for sadomasochistic acts will find sensation play perhaps up there alley

Blacfoxx has spent the past 7+ years finding himself in a sea of perversions. Getting into the lifestyle was not a easy decision for him. It came with the realization that he would never be the same again. Never the less, driving home from DragonCon half asleep with a car full of geekery, he made the plunge into Fetlife and has hit the ground running ever since. Piedmont Area Kinksters (P.A.K) and even Frolicon have called upon him to bring his unique thoughts and perspective to share with other kinksters.

Donations of snacks/sodas/coffee to share, supplies, paper products, cleaning supplies and such for the house are greatly appreciated.

Membership: Paying your membership is a requirement as we are a private club with membership rules that allow us to have the type of activities we allow. Membership for the year is $20 and renews on your anniversary of joining. Yes you can pay your membership dues at the door.

If you have any questions or to RSVP, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note for city location: we are still in Gastonia, however due tot he search parameters of FetLife, we don't show on searches for events. Therefore, we are listed as "Charlotte" so that our friends can more easily find us and come get their kink on.

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