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July 14, 2019: 1-8 pm

Fun with Rope

presented by Kolker

Kolker will be joining us for a rope riff.

Rope Bondage and You!

What is Rope Bondage, what kind of rope to use, why and how. Bondage, Rope Bondage, and its many nuances are discussed in this class, where I bring several kinds of rope to pass around for hands-on, from Home Depot nylon and other synthetics like MFP, to natural fibers like hemp, jute, bamboo, and coconut. Discusses the pros and cons to each in each situation; what are its strengths and weakness in any given setting. How and where to buy, maintain and store your rope. With time permitted, we will demonstrate simple fun ties. Which is why we do this, for the fun of it!

In the kink world, rope is almost sacred. It's versatile. It's artistic. It's functional. We all have fantasies. We all have visions of exactly how we want a scene to go. Rarely does it go according to plan. Let's talk about how to get from Point A to Point B in rope. Bedroom Rope Bondage will be displayed as an example.

Stick around and tie with, or get tied by Kolker all evening long after class. Body ties, chest ties, and ground ties with uplines to hard points. Come watch a Master at work.

About Kolker

Kolker has been part of the Atlanta rope community since 2008, learning, teaching and practicing a wide variety of rope bondage styles. At 1763 Atlanta Bound classes, Kolker has taught
Rope. And The Ties That Bind!,
Knots to Ties to Patterns, Oh My!,
Rope Bondage is a Dance of Partners; one leads ~ one follows,
as hands-on beginners bottoms classes.

In the local RopeBite Atlanta community, he has taught
Drilling the TK3 and Hojojutsu classes. And currently leads a weekly rope practice dojo.

Kolker and Anandalila created and teach RopeYoga to small groups in local and at regional group gatherings.
A graduate of the Atlanta Mentor's Coalition in 2011, and Apprentice Coordinator for 2017, Kolker teaches many other different lifestyle skills, including D/s, crafting scenes, watersports; makes & sells rope and other fiber arts, and welcomes you to check out

Donations of snacks/sodas/coffee to share, supplies, paper products, cleaning supplies and such for the house are greatly appreciated.

Membership: Paying your membership is a requirement as we are a private club with membership rules that allow us to have the type of activities we allow. Membership for the year is $20 and renews on your anniversary of joining. Yes you can pay your membership dues at the door.

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